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JackieTad 64 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)A while ago we introduced you to ElopeNYC and civil officiant Judie Guild. Judie got back in touch with us recently because she wanted to share an awesome deal she's got going for gay couples.

Well, wait: Judie's an awesome deal for ANY couple, really… her packages start at $100! That said, she's got an extra sweet deal for those of you who can't (yet) legally marry in New York.

The deal? Ok, so since gay marriage isn't yet legal in New York, Julie would like to honor queer couples by officiating their “commitment ceremonies” now … and then whenever gay marriage becomes legal, she'll officiate and sign the license for free, or on a strictly gift basis. Or, as she says, she'll do it when “the lazy cowards in Albany finally legalize same-sex marriage here rather than just recognizing when such marriages are performed elsewhere.”

Judie is a registered wedding officiant in New York specializing in civil or humanist ceremonies. She offers unique ceremony packages to ensure that you can get married in whatever location you choose, with the exact vows that you wish to exchange.

So to sum it up…

So, whether your marriage will be legal now or later, Judie will ensure that your ceremony will be personal and beautiful. Ready to get planning?

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  1. That is simply brilliant 🙂

    I don’t live in NY, but kudos from this southern hemisphere queer girl!

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