Monday Montage: Purples, pinks and sprinkles of green

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In case you're new around here, every Monday I browse the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool and share my favorite photos with y'all. This week's theme includes lots of pinks, purples and even a little bit of green. I should also mention that there is a light saber, a purple owl cake, some gorgeous spring dresses and lots of kick ass wedding parties. Don't forget, you can always click on a photo to see more.

When was the last time you saw a bride rock a fedora? Veils, sure. Fascinators, sure. Cocktail hats, sure. Fedora? HELL YES!

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Photos by Frisco Photography

…Here is Katherine with her gorgeous bridesmaids. Apparently, their adorable umbrellas weren't just a prop. They used them in an attempt to stay dry during a tornado/rainstorm.

Here comes the bride
Helz had her son walk her down the aisle in this gorgeous purple, floral dress which was made by an Etsian.

Ridin' on the bus
Ashley, her man Nick and the entire wedding party rode the bus to the wedding venue: The Vancouver Aquarium. Then, they ran around downtown for a quick portrait sesh. They even stopped to get a quick snack before the wedding ceremony.

Karen and her hubby are posing in front their friends' home aka the reception site.

jumping the broom
I really enjoy the tradition of jumping the broom. I mean, it can't be easy jumping in a huuuuge (and amazingly gorgeous) dress like Justine's. Clearly, Justine and Bobbie had no problem!

Our bridesmaids and MOH
Sheila had her bridesmaids carry parasols instead of bouquets.

iPhone Vows
Nerd alert! Jessie and her hubby read their vows off of their iPhones. If that doesn't show their inner geeks, Jessie's hubby's Tardis cufflinks might.

October 17, 2010 - Halloween Wedding
I know Halloween was last week, but there was no way I could wait another year to share photos of Derek and Joey's fabulously colorful Halloween wedding. Look at their badass, punk rawk wedding party. They are stylin' in their black ensembles and bright kicks…

October 17, 2010 - Halloween Wedding
…And check out their awesome purple owl cake!

gayle&aaron8 Gayle and Aaron engage in a little pre-ceremony lightsaber tango.

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I couldn't find any details on this adorable couple, but I'd love to hear more details/see more photos of this wedding!

Last but certainly not least, I leave you with this epic wedding party photo: the purple and blue crinolines, the bride's pink hair, and all the tattoos! Don't worry — we're currently investigating so we can share the rest of this story with you soon.

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  1. So, I clicked the picture to find out more and…AWESOME Tardis cufflinks! So often “Tardis cufflinks” are just regular cufflinks with a picture of the Tardis on them. Those are much much much better! Now to find them…

    • Thanks! I got the cufflinks from Etsy ( I purchased them a year in advance of our wedding, and by the time the wedding came around, if anything, my husband was even more of a Dr. Who fan, as he made his way through EVERY season of Dr. Who ever over the past year! A wise purchase 🙂

  2. YEAH!!!! I just contacted Pink Monkey (the bride from the last photo) about this. I was so excited to see this photo here. I was a part of this wedding party (the bridesmaid second from left). It was an awesome day and we rocked that crinoline like there was no tomorrow!!!!!

  3. The last two weddings are Crystori & Pink Monkey on the Tribe. Pink hair & pink crinoline… two of my favorite things 🙂 I realize that I spend way too much time online though. Haha. I really hope to see both featured!

  4. Freakin AWESOME cake. :] And the lightsaber just makes me sigh, ah geeky love.

  5. Thanks for featuring a same-sex wedding with boys!! Super colorful and awesome.

  6. oh man, i think i’m in love with that first bride. Pink hair? check. Curls? check check. Pink glasses? hella check! and Angelic Pretty umbrellas! waah! i hope we find out more about all of these!!

    • I am the bridesmaid second from left in that last photo. She got the Dresses and the fascinators from The Bay and then ordered in the crinoline from the States. The ribbon was just regular ribbon from any craft store.

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