Fire dancers, tattoos and one nerd-tastic groom’s cake

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A new week means a new round-up of your fantastic photos from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. This Monday Montage has a hodgepodge of amazing dresses, impeccable details, silly wedding parties, and one Super Mario Bros cake!

Fire Dancers at the Jellyfish!
Andrea and Chris got a post-wedding light show on the beach of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Seriously though, how incredible are fire dancers?

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I love me some good wedding tattoos. It might be because I'm too afraid to get any kind of tattoo. At any rate, props to Kristen and Brian for these adorable tats!

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Photo thanks to Steadfast Media

Speaking of tattoos, I LOVE me a bride with full sleeves. Melissa and Brandon are HAWT. Wanna know something even hotter? They had Chipotle burritos at the reception. OM NOM NOM.

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This photo was taken at Urban Light Studios in front of Lamar the Lion. I don't really know the entire story behind this photo, but I like it.

OMG, I love the cascade of flowers down the back of Andrea's dress.

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Photo by La Photographie Nashville

A tug of war broke out during Bridget and James' wedding in Louisville, KY. I wonder who won?

Mini top-hat + sexy black boots + seductive garter action + foxy husband. This couple has got it going on.

The Super Mario Brothers Cake!
What better groom's cake for a dude named Mario than a Super Mario Bros themed cake. Zulena and Mario have a great sense of humor. This cake is awesomely nerdtastic.

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How epic is this view?! Not to mention, Emma's rainbow umbrella is phenom.

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All photos were taken by Katie Donaghue

I don't know about you, but any couple who has a kick-ball game with pizza and beer in lieu of a rehearsal dinner sounds like my kind of people.

Family Photo
Seriously, how precious is this family? I mean, Stacy and Nico look amazing, but their daughter totally steals the scene.

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  1. How kickass is it that you can see Bridget’s bright yellow shoes from, like, a mile away?

  2. I would really like to know more about Bridget and James’ wedding. If that picture is any indicator, it was probably really fun!

  3. Thank you for giving my dress a shout out! All the flowers were made by me out of organza! I also made the dress with some help from my mother in law and good friend Noelle who sewed the flowers on.
    My mother didn’t know exactly the color of my dress and how cool is it that her dress goes with mine!! And my dad found his tux at a garage sale one week before the wedding for $5! Go Dad!!
    There is a story behind every dress!!

    Thank you Ariel. I love your site!!

  4. i do have to say that was a fun fun cake to eat…because SOMEONE was fighting over stealing YOSHI from the topper! HAHAHAH!! notice…um….Mario is riding Yoshi. LOL hahahh I didn’t see that until the bride told me. It was def. nerdtastic. 🙂

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