Monday Montage: feathers, wings and a hoopin’ Mother of the Bride

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It feels like time has been flying by lately. Luckily for me, another week means another chance to share more INCREDIBLE photos from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. Don't forget to submit your photos to the pool if you'd like us to consider them for the next Monday Montage.

Bride Stuck in Brambles!
Ohhh, Danielle, I am loving what's happening here. First of all, I love a bride in a black dress. Second, I'm obsessed with whatever that incredible feather-y veil thing is. (Details puh-lease!) Then, the three long stem roses are a classic. AND the cherry on top: septum and nostril piercing! I love me some hot facial piercings.

Smoochy shot
I think it's pretty obvious by now how I feel about colored crinolines… Basically, Eluned's vintage, summery dress takes my obsession to another level.

5158432667 babc07abdd z alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
I've seen Dia de los Muertos skeleton cake toppers before… but never one with dog skeletons too. Pretty rad if you ask me.

ceremony with the high priest
It doesn't get any better than a bride wearing RED WINGS…

couple shots in the streets of Johannesburg
… And here's another shot of this HAWT couple in the streets of Johannesburg.

wedding shoot fun!
Just the groom pushing the bride in a wheel barrow. No big deal.

5147135552 e626dfeba0 z alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photo by Big Bad Wolf Photography

Who can resist a fairy flower girl in hot pink with adorable wings?

It looks like Sarah and Steven made their love of skulls (and each other) permanent by getting these wedding tattoos.

Joe & Jes 07-01-10
…Due to some complications during the creation of this sexy, steam-punk gorgeous-ness, Jes ended up buying another wedding dress. Instead of choosing one, she wore both of them…

Joe & Jes 07-01-10
You think Jes' dress and red cocktail hat are awesome? You should see what she's rocking underneath it all… 😉

Emery & Trey wedding-334
Finally, check out this kick-ass MOB! Emery's mom worked that hula-hoop without breakin' a sweat.

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Comments on Monday Montage: feathers, wings and a hoopin’ Mother of the Bride

  1. All the yellow I keep seeing on here is starting to convince me that my new favorite color is yellow! That black dress with the red roses is stunning.

  2. Where in the world did Eluned find her blue shoes?? They are EXACTLY what I have been looking for! …that I cant seem to find anywhere.

    • Thank you! Aren;t they the prettiest shoes ever!! They’re by Irregular Choice and are called ‘Tally Ho’, a past-season though, so you might have to search deep.

  3. A bride with red wings? Red wings will give you bull! No, wait, that’s not right . . .

  4. Wow! I’m thrilled our photos are up among these absolutely beathtaking images! Thank you! 🙂

  5. I spot a shii and an eegee! YAY! (I love seeing OBT members whose planning arcs were similar to mine making it on the Monday Montage)!

  6. I love that black over red dress, so bummer that it didn’t work out. However, the white over red dress is fantastic too! Win!

  7. There’s too much awesomeness! The Day of the Dead cake topper, white wings and a black dress, red wings, a faery flower girl…and that yellow crinoline!!!!!

    I think I might explode from wedding awesome overload!

  8. Oh a note on BigBad Wolfe Photography- 🙂 it’s actually the photography of the bride and groom. They did almost all of their own photography and whatever they didn’t do was done by family or just with their cameras. So…… yeah we dd our own stuff.

  9. So Proud that my picture was chosen!!! (the one with the whealbarrow) I’m Not married (but together with my boyfriend for 10 years with 2 kids) but if I ever will He wishes I never knew of Offbeat bride! I Love all the offbeat Ideas. For now I get so much inspiration for my photography!
    Love Berbel
    From the Netherlands

  10. That’s right! My mom kicks ass! She even kicked mine a little for submitting that photo but it was totally worth it. 😀

    • I’m so happy you like it!

      I (the bride) am a metalsmith and handmade the veil out of sterling silver and ostrich feathers.

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