Step right up for a circus and carnival extravaganza

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This is Catherine, your friendly Offbeat Intern, bringing you this week's Monday Montage! I love perusing the Flickr pool, so this was right up my alley.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages: step right up and explore the nouveau cirque from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. Carnivals and circuses are where acrobats fly and clowns frighten mesmerize. We're taking the circus to the next level in this Monday Montage.

The carousel
Roxalana's two flower girls look like they're in a fashion shoot on the carousel. She says, “I think they went on it about five times. Not sure they've been to any other weddings and I wonder if they will expect ice cream and all the rest in the future.” Oh honey, don't tell them.

Guests enjoyed posing in tattoo cut outs by artist Brian Massey!
Dana and James tied the knot with a tattoo theme and had this rad strongman cut-out…with tattoos, natch.

The Texas State Fair
This shot is taken at the Texas State Fair for the couple's anniversary. It was even Photobomb-worthy. It's adorable, but I'm pretty sure that groom is a vampire from the looks of it.

Coney Island Wedding: Matron of Honor, Sara, and Natalie are ready to rock!
This bride gets down in her vintage circus-style dressing room. She also had this super charming painting hanging at their ceremony and reception and it was used as the cover art for their CD favors.

Isn't he strong
It's really that heavy, I can tell. Bullies kicking sand: beware.

bride n' groomy
This groom looks both intrigued and scared by what he paid for at that kissing booth.

This is the cutest little mini-montage of the décor at the same wedding as the photo above. A ferris wheel in the backyard is every little (and big) girl's dream.

I entitle this shot: “Kissy-face smirking carnival-style in D minor (with blue shoes).”

WC (385 of 402)
Cass and her groom wore this through the entire reception. No foolin'. Okay, I'm foolin'.

invite 3
Anna and Joe's tri-fold invitation has serious kitsch cred. You don't say no to an invite like this. (Designed by Donald Boggess.)

Jessica and Eric DIYed themselves a kick-ass cupcake table. It's made of cardboard, tissue paper, and magic. Real live magic.

Jessica, from the wedding in the picture above, apparently has major connections to the sexeh world of burlesque, including her sister-in-law! I am now in desperate need of a mini-parasol.

521186301 db717479ba alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

The Stilt Circus keep guests going nuts at Sue and Kevin's wedding. These people are legit.

521189979 00fd920a24 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
The entertainers from Gooferman, purveyors of “clown-fi,” perform at the same wedding as the photo above. Heartburn's a bitch.

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  1. Just this morning I had a crazy idea to have our wedding ceremony at a garden near the state fairgrounds, and just bring all the guests to the state fair for our reception. The logistics would be insane…it’s the worst time of year for traffic in our city, hotels will be booked out for the fair, and we’d likely lose all our guests in the crowd. Still, the whole idea makes me giggle!

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