Eva & Jesus’ Mexico wedding with bonus arcade fun

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 | Photography by Lullaby Photo & Video
Photos by Lullaby Photo & Video

The Offbeat Bride: Eva

Her offbeat partner: Jesus, Graphic Designer & Gamer

Date and location of wedding: La Hacienda Real, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, México — September 15, 2011

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Jesus and I were on a strict budget, yet we managed to get create a pretty nice wedding. We got legally married a few weeks before the party at my mom's house, where we had a small cozy dinner with close friends and family.




For the religious ceremony and the party later, I tried to DIY everything I could — I made my headband, the boutonnieres, the container for envelopes, my garter, the favors for the church service, the decorations for the car, and the headpiece for the legal wedding.


I tried to save money on items I knew I would never use again like the lazo and arras and traditional items used in a Catholic wedding, since we did it pretty much to make our families happy and it wasn't that big of a deal to us. I bought as much as I could from eBay, flameless candles for the tables, and my dress for the legal wedding.




Tell us about the ceremony:
We had a traditional Catholic ceremony officiated by a long-time priest friend of my dad's. I skipped the decoration in the church (which saved me a ton of money), but we did use the lazo (cord) which symbolize the unbreakable bond between the couple, and 13 arras (coins) as a promise to share and care for the material goods from now on together.



Our biggest challenge:
Both families wanted to invite half of the world to the wedding. We did stand firmly that if they wanted to invite the “close friend of the second cousin's aunt” they needed to help financially, and so my mother-in-law did.




My funniest moment:
I loved our photos! We went to a retro-themed restaurant/arcade, and I rode the moto arcades. The management was nice enough to let us in the human-size crane game, too.




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