Make these “marriage can be messy” napkin rings

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marriage can be messy napkin rings

Our reader Sinfulpixie is an artist who's obsessed with Disney, and her fiancé is a Geography major. They decided to combine their interests into a wedding theme of “Geographically Drawn Together.” Check out their cleverly DIYed napkin rings that read “Marriage Can Be Messy” in that fantastic Disney font!

Here's how she made them herself…

I estimated the diameter of the circle that it'd have to be (I quite literally went into my kitchen, took a knife, fork and spoon and wrapped them in a paper towel and measured across, lol). Then I designed the label in Photoshop, using the compass rose as a background and the Walt font — I had to re-arrange and fiddle with the sizing and placement of the words to get them all to fit.


Originally I was going to try to print them out on those adhesive peel labels you can buy at the office supply stores, but upon seeing that 100 of those were $20 I checked on VistaPrint to see if there was any type of thing on there I could use. They have 1.5″ diameter circle stickers labeled as Envelope Seals. I bought 200 of those and they ended up costing me about $8 for all 200.

I took regular copy paper, cut it up using my handy-dandy Martha Stewart paper-cutter to wrap around the napkin rolls. After having a nice pile of paper strips and all my stickers, I got a little drunk and proceeded to roll all of them up, wrap the paper strip around, and then stuck it together with the stickers.

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    • Darlin’, that’s the beginning of almost ALL my DIY projects, lol

  1. I need to share that someone on Facebook initially thought these were “after-sex towels,” which officially would be the very best wedding DIY project ever featured on Offbeat Bride.

    • well now I just feel dirty, lol.. but I guess the bedroom can be the second most magical place on Earth! lol

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