How Disney princesses throw a bachelorette party

Guest post by Erin

Today is “Disney Day” on Offbeat Bride — bringing you a dose of Disney-fied wedding goodies, from profiles to parties. Why? Because we like you…

I blurred out the other girls faces for privacy, but I have zero modesty, so it's all good.
I blurred out the other girls' faces for privacy, but I have zero modesty, so it's all good.

I'm a Disney FREAK! I love the movies, I love the land, and I love Belle from Beauty and the Beast! So my amazing bridesmaids planned a Disney-themed stagette. All the ladies dressed up as their favorite princesses/Disney character!

I, of course was Belle, my maid of Honour was Tinkerbell, and my other two bridesmaids were Anna (Frozen) and Ariel from the Little Mermaid! We also had Elsa, Aurora, Meg, Tiana, Jane and Merida…

disney bachelorette 1

We got dressed at the hotel, hopped on the skytrain and took Vancouver by storm!

And all that time decked out in Disney WITH ZERO SHAME.

We went drinking and pole dancing. (You haven't lived until you've seen Belle give a lap dance.)

Be honest now: who's plotting a Disney princess-themed bachelorette party after reading this!?

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Comments on How Disney princesses throw a bachelorette party

  1. So totally awesome! I love Disney and Belle! The pole dancing picture is brilliant!

  2. Never given much thought to my stagette night but I am planning a disney wedding

  3. That was the theme for my hen do too! It was my bridesmaid’s idea and I went off to drink cocktails and see a male cabaret show while dressed as Snow White. We even had ‘Laws of the Land’ on laminated lanyards round our necks which involved the girls having to curtsey to me everytime I left the room. I loved it!

    • Ha ha yeah, I just didn’t want a “ERMAHGERD!! TAKE IT DOWN” situation! Lol I was told on the day, oh my god these can’t go up on Facebook! Then they were all like “awww, why did you blur my face?”. Can’t win I tells ya! Lol

  4. I love the blurred faces. It just makes it funnier. Like protected identities. And side note? My gfs are doing this one day…just because.

  5. I am in love with Beauty and the Beast! My whole wedding is Beauty and the Beast themed, with gold and navy blue for the colors. The date is still about 2 years away but my sister is already planning my princess bachelorette party :). I’m glad there are others out there as crazy as me!

  6. This…this is literally what I needed right this very moment for a bachelorette party I’m freaking out about planning, happening in less than a month. BLESS.

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