Make flowers out of love letters (or emails)

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If you're thinking of making paper flowers, consider making them from love letters (or printed out emails… or texts… or whatever!), like Monica & Eirik:

Eirik handmade all the flowers. Since we met online, my bouquet was made out of paper that I had printed our very first emails to each other on. My bridesmaids' flowers had their respective names printed on them, the moms had white flowers with “Mom” printed on them, and the groomsmen and dads had boutonnieres made out of pages from comics books.

Adorable! More inspiration from Monica & Eirik's pop culture desert wedding.

Now spill: what documents would YOU make flowers out of?

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  1. I love this. Btw I read this website a lot and I haven’t joined the forum but I want to support it! Thanks for doing this great service.

  2. My husband and I look to Big Barda and Mr. Miracle as our power couple. Personality wise there’s a lot of similarities. Barda and Miracle were also our first cosplay and our first con together. I found the pictures of our cosplay and made the boutonnieres out of those pictures. Those were the only flowers we had at the wedding.

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