Little Bo Peep wedding dress

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Photos courtesy of Daily Mail
Photos courtesy of Daily Mail

Uncommon wedding dresses may be a little more common than you think. A Chinese designer showcased a flowing wedding dress sewn almost entirely out of peacock feathers in Nanjing, China this spring and a Hollywood couple had a duct tape wedding at Universal Studios, complete with a duct tape suit for the groom, a duct tape cake and duct tape flowers… it was even sponsored by Manco (Duck Products) of Avon, Ohio!

This saavy bride definitely wore white… white wool that is. FROM HER OWN FLOCK! Talk about DIY!

Louise Fairburn designed the dress, which cost £1,500, and had a spinner and a dressmaker spend 67 hours constructing it with wool from her rare Lincoln Longwool sheep, Olivia.


The award-winning sheep-breeder and English “Little Bo Peep” wanted her dress to make a statement about wool, and that it's not necessarily only meant for home-knitted beanies. The smashing handmade wedding dress purportedly stunned her husband (who was also outfitted in a wool waistcoat as well) when he first saw his future wife walking down the aisle.

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Oh and PS: Thanks to everyone who emailed us about the wool dress! There were lots of you. 🙂

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