Make a toast with actual toast!

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Gnat and Chris cut up actual pieces of toast in the shape of wine glasses for a literal “toast.” As you can see, it was probably hard not to get into the spirit of clinking the toast glasses.

Make your own mini toast cut-outs with a wine glass-shaped cookie cutter and give your guests a chuckle. Plus, it might actually give a nod to one theory of where toasts began.

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Comments on Make a toast with actual toast!

  1. stealing! 🙂

    *I think I might get the margarita cut out though…since I am having a Mexican food reception!

    Awesome! Thank you!

  2. the crazy christian in me said you could also do a cute toast/communion mix thingy, cute!

  3. My hubby’s best man did our toast. He said “and now a toast…” He then threw a piece of toast across the room and walked away. LOL It was the best!!

    • Oh! You could hand out real toast to everyone and then have everyone fling it at the couple at the right moment, just like the audience does at the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Ha!

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