How to make a lightsaber cake knife for your Star Wars wedding

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Luke, of Muppet wedding fame, did all of us (plus the entire internets?) a favor by giving us a tutorial on how he made his amazing lightsaber cake cutter. Here is the four-step hack for turning a Crate & Barrel cake knife into a lightsaber cake knife.

lightsaber cake knife alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
photo by Megan Finley

The cake cutter was totally easy. (If it weren't I would not have been able to handle it.) Here's how:

Step 1:

Buy a Master Replicas .45 Scale Mini Lightsaber. I'm sure any would work, but I found that the diagonal lip of the Anakin worked particularly well for the gluing.

Anakin SkyWalker Lightsaber EP III mini alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Anakin lightsaber.

Step 2:

Buy a cake cutting set. You'll want a set with plastic handles, like this:

DessertServingSetLLS8 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Step 3:

Hacksaw the handle off the cake cutter. This takes a little elbow grease.

Step 4:

Epoxy the blade to the tip of the saber. Again, the more recessed the saber tip style, the easier to glue, and more sturdy the final cutter.

That's it!

Star Wars wedding cake cutting alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
The cake knife in action on their Hoth wedding cake. Photo by Megan Finley

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Comments on How to make a lightsaber cake knife for your Star Wars wedding

  1. This is SO awesome. I was just thinking I want to see more Megan Finley weddings! and then I popped over to your blog and saw how many I had missed. How did that happen!?!? So many awesome weddings.

  2. Thinkgeek just linked to this post on their Facebook page! I’m always so happy when my ThinkGeek and Offbeat Bride worlds collide!

  3. I saw this and immediately went and bought .45 scale lightsabers and am in the middle of making my own, but I’m changing the handle on both the cutter and server.

  4. Definitely want to do this! (but with both the knife AND server) but with the less-expensive Anakin ones. I think getting it to light up would be awesome, maybe some LED light work somehow?

  5. It seems that the cake server set is no longer available… has anyone found an alternative that matches the dimensions closely enough?

    • I just made one with the mini Darth light saber from ep IV and a random cheap cake cutting set from Amazon. It had a clear “crystal” handle, and was around $8. I cut through the metal connector bit for the handle, and the part of the knife that extends off the blade into the handle was still intact. I was able to use metal snips to actually get it to the exact depth of the empty space at the top of the light saber.

      It looks great and is really stable. I did have to use some stuff to prop up the blade while the epoxy was drying, to make sure it stayed where I needed it too.

  6. Can this be any Crate and Barrel set? I have a set from Crate and Barrell and the lightsaber and I’m ready to put it all together but I’m just not sure if the knife part will be small or round enough. It seems like it might be pretty close though so maybe I’ll just have to wait and see when I take the hacksaw to it!

  7. I got my lightsaber on ebay for a lot cheaper than on amazon. Amazon listed a cheap crystal handled serving set that they claim are frequently bought together but the knife handle seems to be a good bit bigger than the section you would attach it to on the lightsaber handle. Any ideas as I cannot seem to find to Crate & Barrel set that was originally linked to.

  8. I purchased the lightsaber (Anakin) from Ebay for about $25, and then bought the “Darice 35745, Knife and Server Set, Faux Crystal” on Amazon for about $5. That knife was suggested by Amazon as being frequently purchased with the mini lightsaber replica, but it is too big! The diameter of the base of the knife is larger than the lightsaber notch. If anyone has found a knife set that works (the Crate and Barrel one is discontinued), I’d really appreciate suggestions!

    • I had the same problem Joleen. I ended up cutting the handle off like the guide says but then i cut off the chrome ring at the base of the blade, sanded down the plastic under that to the point at which it would fit and then painted it to match the saber hilt. Not sure why Amazon is recommending that cake set unless EVERY single person is modifying it like i did.

  9. There has to be a way to rig a laser pointer in something like this so the beam of the laser reflects along the blade of the knife.

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