Bekka and Matt are both working artists — Bekka is a ceramic artist and Matt does graphic arts — so every aspect of their at-home wedding was hand-crafted by them. Their wedding was so DIY that their photographer, Sheila Addleman, was the only vendor they hired! Prepare to be impressed by this über DIY wedding.

Bekka found her dress at a thrift store and then added the floral neckline and reworked the hem. She also hand-crafted ALL those hair pieces as well.

Since Bekka is a ceramic artist, she had no problem making these centerpieces… and the cake toppers… and all the tea candle favors as well.

Bekka's mom performed the ceremony where they were surrounded by candles in jars, hanging from the trees, and artwork by Matt.

Speaking of artwork by Matt — this amazing backdrop was created by him as well. Oh, and it only gets more mind-blowing from there. To see all the custom jewelry, hand-sewn fans, an incredible photo booth, and the signature drink, head over to Sheila's blog.

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Comments on Bekka & Matt’s über DIY wedding at home

  1. Please tell me that the quote in the backdrop is a Cloud Cult reference!!! That is a lyric that I actually want to use for my own wedding. It’s lovely =)

    I also absolutely love the tree picture. So simple yet stunning.

    • It is! Good catch ^_^
      The pages were all from a bunch of little old books (more like pamphlets That Bekka found at Goodwill. Some of them are Almanacs, some are old classroom books, and some are Shakespeare. There’s a little Disney in there too

  2. I love the photo of Bekka with her brides maids. The touch with the floral hair pieces is nice. And I love Bekka and Matt in front of his artwork. Looks like a wall of editorials. Good pics and good post.

  3. LOVE everything about your wedding! So beautiful, and so loving. Seriously, this almost brought tears to my eyes…in a good way of course 🙂 I adore your ‘prayer flags.’ I am wanting to make them for my outdoor wedding…could you please tell me how you made them? I have to make a lot and would like to know the simplest way to do this! Congratulations and thank you 🙂

  4. Everything is so elegant and simple and pretty!
    Gives me some hope for a backyard wedding…or at least some killer ideas!
    And that photobooth!!! 😀 best ever. EVER.
    But….was the camera manned or did it have a button thingy?

    • Thanks sassy! 🙂 The photobooth was one of the things we totally had our hearts set on! Everybody loved it! We just used my little digital camera set up on a tripod.
      Though we really wanted to, we couldn’t figure out how to have it remote-control. So we just had other guests snap the photos – basically gave them free reign with it, which worked out just fine. 🙂

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