Let’s talk about “getting wifed”

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Don'ts for Wives

If you've read Offbeat Bride the book you'll remember that the final chapter is called “Getting Wifed.” We're talking about that that very post-marital experience over on Offbeat Home & Life…

When I talked to my sister about my hopes to travel to Germany for singing in the near future, she remarked, “but do you really want to do that your first year of marriage?” Whether I want to be away from my husband or not is beside the point: of course I don't want to be away from him, but do I want to follow my dreams? Yes, and he wants that for me as well.

I've gotten variations on this “but you're a wife now!” theme from a few people. The assumption people seem to make that I haven't discussed these things with the person I'm arguable closest to and will be sharing my life with is baffling. As is what feels like the assumption that now that I'm married I will be a “good girl,” have a nice, predictable, stable, practical career that keeps me home most of the time, buy a house, make babies, etc.

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