Guys, the littlest wedding attendants at Kathleen's wedding have needs, too! These signs are a pretty adorable way to add some levity and get the kids involved. (The other sign reads “Hey Uncle Tommy, here comes your bride!”) In addition to this bit of reader-submitted sweetness, we've got some actual cake (with geeky toppers!), a handfasting with lovely herb centerpieces, and a fair few wedding party shots. The Offbeat Bride Tribe, Flickr pool, and Pinterest were good to us this week.

Something Blue D & D

Star Trek cake Toppers




herb centerpieces

Bridal Party

Groomsman gifts!

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  1. While I’m kind of over the little kids with signs, I absolutely adore the compilation photo of the wedding party for Sarah and Jon! I think it gives each party member a chance to display their unique personalities and gets away from the standard line up.

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