2008.08.08-12.16.19-1The offbeat bride: Danica

Her offbeat partner: Mike

Location & date of wedding: Newcastle Island, Canada – August 8th, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We kept it simple. I made all the cupcakes for the guests (all ninety! WHEW! Transporting them was a BITCH). We had our talented photographer friend Aki walk on stilts.

I'm double Offbeat! Pregnant, tattooed and I wore white!

2008.08.08-13.20.19-1Mike's favorite accessory is his checkered ‘spicoli' Vans. He has become infamous for wearing them, even years before the emo kids decided they were cool. We found out we were expecting our first baby in May and my mother found a pair of teeny tiny vans to match Mike's for the baby. I found a similar girly version of the Vans and surprised Mike by wearing them on our wedding day!

All the guests each brought a flower for my bouquet. It wound up GORGEOUS. My mom grew orchids for the event and my aunt ordered a rare exotic flower for it as well. Most amazing and meaningful bouquet ever. I strongly suggest doing this at your own wedding.


Our biggest challenge: Transporting the cupcakes!! WHAT A PAIN! I made them and iced them in advance, using buttercream to stick them in place in their boxes and upside-down cups to keep the second level from caving in on them, then I froze them.

My favorite moment: The kiss the bride part. I'm a pretty private person, so it was a big deal. I kissed Mike and then he hugged me and I did the ‘Oprah' ugly cry. I lost it, I was very happy and overwhelmed.

ALSO I got surprised by Mike's family when they initiated me into the Stewart clan by presenting me with the Stewart Tartan. It was an amazing intimate ceremony that caught me by surprise and I am honored to carry their name as my own.

My offbeat advice: Keep it simple and don't let anyone tell you that what you are doing is TOO simple. Our motto was “If it stresses you out, don't do it”. Also, have a wedding in a place where you can bring your dogs. If you don't have dogs, borrow mine! They keep things interesting and fun, plus they're family.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn: Click the photo below to see lots of shots from Danica & Mike's casual, family-oriented island wedding!


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Comments on Mike & Danica’s Simple Island Wedding!

  1. I like the subdued pastels on the cupcake tower. It looks like it was worth the work!

  2. I am doing a guest-bouquet for my wedding and am so happy to see it work so beautifully! congrats, danica and mike, and great happiness to you both.

  3. Nice wedding!! I got to ask did someone made that wedding gown or did you get the gown somewhere? I love that rose tattoo by the way! congrats to both of you!

  4. I love the flower idea! But a lot of my family are coming from interstate so they’d have to buy something which might not be as meaningful.
    Hmmm, I’ll keep thinking on that as I think it’s such a special idea.

  5. Where did you get that dress it is exactly what i have been looking for for a year now. please tell me 🙂

  6. Hi. My fiancé and I are planning a wedding on Newcastle island next summer. Do you have any advice? Did you rent the island pavilion and use the caterer on the island? If you did use the caterer, was the food good?

    • Sorry this is a LATE response, you must be on the cusp of getting married or already have done! There are no caterers on the island as you probably know but they do have a kitchen that they may lend out to catering, if you haven’t already, the island co-ordinator was very accommodating , we did a simple bbq

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