Stacey & Scott’s intimate vintage Hollywood affair

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Old PortraitThe offbeat bride: Stacey, High School English Teacher and Bartender

Her offbeat partner: Scott, Electrician and Musician

Location & date of wedding: Hotel Laguna, July 5th 2008 – Laguna Beach, California

What made our wedding offbeat: Our ceremony was incredibly personal. Our reception was more of a dinner party and the whole experience felt intimate and truly sacred. My inspiration was to throw the wedding that Daisy and Gatsby never got to have (that's the English teacher speaking).

Centerpiece detailI wanted the day to have a vintage charm that you couldn't quite place in any era and I wanted everything to have our personal stamp on it–using pictures from our travels around the world, as well as old family photos. Scott even brought his hobby to the wedding by brewing beer and rootbeer as a favor for our guests (also lending to the “Gatsbyesque” vibe).

Our biggest challenge: Our biggest challenge was realizing that the wedding was not only about us. We are blessed to both have very supportive families, but while they are supportive, they're also very involved. Finding a balance between our vision and theirs, as well as maintaining the intimacy we wanted was a challenge – but we pulled it off.

Grand Entrance 2My favorite moment: I think my favorite moment (aside from the “love trance” I went into during the ceremony), has to be giving Scott his grooms gift. I commissioned a painting by an artist friend of mine depicting myself and all of the pets (including the one that was recently hit by a car) in a circus theme, in Mark Ryden style. He was shocked and moved to tears, and seeing the love and amazement on his face was so much fun!

My offbeat advice: My advice is to get your friends and family involved. You're offbeat & creative, chances are they are too. When someone offers, just say “Yes, thank you!”.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn: Click the photo below to see lots of shots from this vintage, Hollywood-style glamorous wedding:

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Comments on Stacey & Scott’s intimate vintage Hollywood affair

  1. Oh my god, I love the painting! I don’t even know you or your furbabies and I was moved to tears!

  2. Awwww… I love what she says about family! The same is true of us, and people don’t talk about that very often, at least among us not-so-mainstream brides. Finding ways to compromise and meet everyone’s vision can be stressfull, and challenging, but also really rewarding in the end. It’s such a interesting learning experance to have to tell yourself, yes, it’s my wedding, but I don’t necessarily get every little thing my way.

    Anyway, love it! Love the dress!

  3. I LOVE the Great Gatsby theme!! It takes you back to the days of seemingly effortless grace and sophistication!

    I think involving everybody is a great idea. For some people. It looks like it worked really well for you guys!

    But, if opinions are too strong and divergent, it could turn ugly.

    Anyway, congratulations!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! The Great Gatsby is also part of my wedding style inspiration. I especially like your bouquet and cake.

  5. Where did you find the vintage-esq dress? I am looking for old hollywood, but can’t find any vintage that is wearable, and most repros I have seen aren’t quite right.

    Sounds like you had a beautiful and meaningful wedding!

  6. I loved your ideas! I found those black candleabras on Ebay but they don't have the glass globes on them. Where did you find the globes or if they came with the candleabra, where did you purchase these at?

  7. A vintage feel you can’t quite place in any era = exactly what I want, too, thanks for summing it up so beautifully and also, awesome wedding!

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