Inexpensive wedding shoes as cute as they are cheap from Carol Shoes

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teal mary jane shoes on offbeat bride

If you're looking for high quality construction, luxury materials, and an impeccable fit, a pair of $22 shoes is probably not going to be your fantasy footwear. If, however, you're only planning to wear shoes for a day and you just want them cute and cheaper than a dinner at Red Lobster, Carol Shoes may be your jam. Let's take a look at these inexpensive wedding shoes that are high on cute, but inevitably low on quality (because sometimes that's just fine). I've got heels, flats, chunky oxfords, and lots and lots of toe bows…

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pink and while shoes with bows offbeat bride
orange and white wedding shoes offbeat bride
red chunky heel shoe on offbeat bride
butterfly toe flats on offbeat bride
gold heel cutout shoe offbeat bride
white flats with black bows on offbeat bride
gold sequin shoes on offbeat bride
green and white shoes on offbeat bride
crochet wedding wedge shoe offbeat bride
red tstrap bow shoes on offbeat bride
blue wedding loafers on offbeat bride
chunky heel bow shoe on offbeat bride
green bows with white bows on offbeat bride
blue platform shoes on offbeat bride
red shoes with bow
off white shoe with bow on offbeat bride

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