The offbeat bride: Michelle, product coordinator, handbag designer, and Mid-Mod Picker

Her offbeat partner: Dan, print production and Mid-Mod picker

Date and location of wedding: Harrison Center for the Arts, Indianapolis, IN — August 11, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Our top priority for the wedding was just to have a great party. Neither of us cared too much about the ceremony, so we kept it small with family and bridal party only, including our Boston Terrier, Roxie. We really wanted to incorporate a few elements of what we love, such as scooters and Mexican folkloric art.



The ceremony and the reception were held at the Harrison Art Center, a former church turned art center. Our color scheme was based on our favorite colors: turquoise and red. We incorporated touches of Mexican flair with custom papel picado banners and a nacho bar.



We are both lovers of thrifting, so we collected vintage ceramic animal planters and spray painted them the colors of the wedding to use as centerpieces. I also made all of the turquoise/white chevron center tablecloths, my hairpiece and veil, and Roxie's dog dress.


Our biggest challenge: I have never been a girl who cared about weddings, and in fact never envisioned myself getting married at all! It took me quite a while to actually start planning the event, over a year in fact. Once I discovered Offbeat Bride, I had some hope that I could do something that was my style. Once we picked a color scheme, a date, and a venue, the ideas started flowing.


My favorite moment: When Dan and I met at a local Scooter club ride, he was on his moped at the time and I was on my Vespa. To incorporate this passion into the wedding day, we brought my grandpa's vintage Cushman scooter to the wedding and used it in our pictures. He had recently passed away, so it meant a lot to me.


My funniest moment: Our Boston Terrier, Roxie, was included in the ceremony. She was a great tension reliever because during the ceremony she started whining and crying for attention. Once the ceremony was over and the guests started clapping, she started barking. It was too cute.



Was there anything you were sure was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great? My friends were skeptical that I would actually get everything done because I had no idea what I was doing. They kept drilling me with questions about the progress of the planning and half of the things they asked me about I didn't even think of. This was a good thing because it kept me from forgetting things and made me choose what I actually cared about.


What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? People were more open-minded than I gave them credit for. Some people who I thought might turn their nose up at our non-traditional wedding seemed to embrace it. I was really happy about that.


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Comments on Michelle & Dan’s scooters and papel picado wedding

  1. okay you had me at “nacho bar” then I saw the dog pics and was in LUV! We lost our Boston Terrier about a year ago, and she was indeed the sweetest funniest dog EVAR. Beautiful wedding and it looks like you did exactly what YOU guys wanted.

  2. So pretty and colorful! I am in love with your dress, especially the skirt part. I’m also planning on having papel picado banners. They’re a nod to my heritage and a great way to add color and movement overhead.

  3. GAHHHH the colours! The COLOURS! I love it! The bridal party in their red shirts with the bride in teal and oh my goood I can’t stop gushing xD

    Also, my hometown! whoo!

  4. My thoughts as I flipped through the pictures:

    Aww, that’s sweet, oh that’s cute, wow that blue looks great on her, HAHAHAHAHAHA boob grab!, awwww…..

  5. The turquoise/red color combo is so cool! I think the turquoise and black contrast really makes the red pop and pull the whole look together!

  6. Ahhhh! I’m the Maid of Honor in this wedding, the one laughing with the bride and groom and officiant. This wedding blew my mind. It was such a wonderful experience! The pictures are freakin amazing, the whole reception was magical. I am so happy for the couple and loved being involved!

  7. I hope that my wedding next summer is as beautiful as yours. It looks like you had a lovely time!

    Also, what’s sort of funny is that we are trying to find a place that will allow us to have our English Bulldog, Bruiser, with us. He means a lot to us, and we want him to walk down the aisle with our ring bearer.

  8. I clicked on this because of that gorgeous dress, but then I looked closer and we could be sisters! OMG! Now this wedding is extra-inspirational.

  9. Well, I just forwarded this blog entry to my planner and said “THIS! This is what I want!!”

  10. How can I contact this bride?!? We’re looking into doing our wedding at this venue and would love some inside scoop before contracts are signed! 🙂

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