See how a plush cat turned a wedding tradition into a super inclusive moment

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Brittany and Taylor's goth history nerd wedding featured a pretty spectacular way to honor ALL of your friends during what's sometimes an awkward moment at the reception. Brittany's inclusive bouquet toss was for anyone, no matter what their marital status or future plans.

Instead of tossing a bouquet (which in this case was a kick-ass SHELL bouquet!), Brittany decided to throw a plush cat. Throwing a plush isn't unheard of around these parts, but there was a tiny addition that brought it all home for me. We'll let Brittany tell you how she did it:

Instead of throwing the bouquet, we decided to throw a plush cat. It was announced that whoever caught the cat would be the next person to adopt a cat.


GAH, so cute! It's a way to support pet adoption, a shout-out to those who may not be planning nuptials in their future, a way to NOT single out your single friends, and a way that all your married friends can get in on it as well. In any case, you're being super-duper inclusive to all your pals with this bouquet toss. Plus, cats… whooooo!

Intrigued? You don't want to miss the rest of this wedding.

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Comments on See how a plush cat turned a wedding tradition into a super inclusive moment

  1. I might borrow this with a twist, get a unicorn plushie and who ever catches it gets the next magical life moment. 🙂

  2. My friend threw loofas and gave out gift baskets full of bath goodies. The two winners got to choose between a very girly basket and a more neutral-themed one. Another friend simply held a raffle and gave a barbecue gift set.

    I was considering doing something similar to the loofa idea with a geek basket. I’d toss something like a plush dragon or baby mooshroom from Minecraft, and give out baskets full of geeky fun stuff like card games, polyhedral dice, lightsaber chopsticks, etc. Not a single one of my friends would be disappointed to get a gift like that.

    I do love Julie’s unicorn idea, though!

  3. That’s such a cute idea! And as a bonus, the bouquet won’t be completely wrecked and create a huge mess, like it often does.

  4. i threw a shark plushie! we got married at an aquarium and i went into their gift shop and found my bouquet 🙂 – way better then flowers

  5. We’re planning on tossing a stuffed cat (him) and dog (me)! We wanted to include everyone and we will be announcing that we will make a small donation in the name of whoever catches it to the nonprofit rescue where we got our cat

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