Toss two-player plushies instead of garters and flowers

Guest post by 8bitdame

Screen shot 2012 10 10 at 5.29.54 PM alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I'm an Offbeat Bride with a Traditional Lovin' Sweetie. A lot of this wedding has been one long compromise after another as we figure out what things to keep, what to toss, and what to make ours.

I am squicked out by the idea of my husband reaching up my skirts to remove a garter to throw to the male people of the reception crowd. I know I'm not alone with this feeling. Some people don't bat an eye. That's cool. But it is on that list of “definitely not my thing.”

So imagine my dismay when I saw the look of disappointment across my sweet one's face when I casually listed it off as one of the traditions that was going to be cut from the wedding. He was looking forward to that.

“Tossing stuff at your guests” is, apparently, one of those things that needs to stay in. So here's what I decided to do…

We are both big gamers. We tote about our gaming geek flag and we hold it high. We're going to toss plushies. We decided to keep it to possibly the most well known pair of two-player co-op icons the world over — Mario and Luigi.

I get to toss Luigi, because I love him the best. I also love my partner so much for listening to me. AND I don't have to worry about poking someone's eye out.

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  1. i had a video game themed wedding and I was thinking of using a very similar idea to this. Instead of tossing my bouquet (I kept that and did not want to pay for a second), I was thinking of throwing a plushie fire flower. Upon seeing how much they cost, I scrapped it 🙁 I really wish I did it though lol

  2. We’re doing something similar, too! We’re throwing a one-up mushroom and a star instead of bouquet/garter. The idea of my man under my skirts in front of Grandma really skeeved me out too and this will go with our video-game, nerd-culture wedding much better. =)

  3. I’m so happy to see a post about this! This is EXACTLY the solution that we reached! Well, maybe not exactly… we came to the “plushie” conclusion, but not quite to Mario and Luigi, although now I may have to use that. We are both gamers and will be using the Mario Kart Love Song as our first dance, so Mario and Luigi would be perfect.

  4. Plushy throwers unite!
    We are opting for a plushy lobster toss, lucky for me, he found it as equally disturbing to go fish up my skirt in front of all our guests as I did (we’ll leave that for later ;p )

  5. We totally did a plushy throw! We had a koala and a monkey. I had $5 worth of scratch tickets attached to them too, just as something extra. I didn’t throw until EVERY lady was on the floor and same with the guys. It was fun!

  6. We threw a stuffed lobster and a moose as a nod to my husband’s Maritime roots, as opposed to the bouquet and garter. I wore no garter, and there was no way I was tossing a Princess Lasertron bouquet! Everyone was invited to join, and I think there was way more excited to catch the moose and lobster than if we had gone the traditional route. Crazy connection: the guest that caught the moose also caught the garter at my parents’ wedding!

  7. Oh my gosh! That’s so funny to see this post. I’m going to throw a love poke ball and hubby is throwing a snorlax plushie!

  8. I’m really not a flower type gal and my FH is defiantly not going under my skirt. The whole thing about singling out the “single” people in the group makes us both upset. We both remember weddings where we were Heckled/pushed out onto that floor! And the whole nxt to get married thing… I mean really?! So we are actually throwing dog toys! They look like monsters (so it fits into the rainbow/monster theme) and also pays honor to my dog that recently passed away (its been a tough year). Fh’s will have a top hat and mine will have a veil and if you are wondering… Yes they squeak!!

  9. This is super awesome!! Me and my partner are very egalitarian in our relationship so I was thinking of a less traditional way of dealing with this and when I saw your post I felt so happy to see another cool option! This is definitely an awesome idea!!

  10. Old post, I know, but I KNEW I’d find something on Offbeat Bride to help us find our alternative to a garter toss! We’re going to do Angry Birds plushies… I can’t wait for the reaction when my betrothed comes up for air from under my dress with an AngryBird in his mouth!

  11. This is amazing!!!! Now I need to find Finn and Princess Bubblegum plushies for us to throw! I was really weirded out by the garter toss too!

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