It feels like forever ago when I, excitedly, showed you the hand-constructed Victorian duck busts that Tribe member Hev (aka. Heather) made to use as cake toppers.

Well, lookie here! Heather done got married!…

HC_0347 Heather got married on a freaking boat with some amazing wedding fashion going on there.

HC_1149Oh, and check out the duck busts in action! They look amazing.

There are just so many other amazing vintage details to this wedding, here are a few more photo teases from Love Me Do Photography

HC_0745Check out the mis-matched bridesmaids all in white!

HC_0878Hopefully we'll be getting more than just a little tease from Heather in the form of a bride profile soon! But for now, here's a little slideshow action…

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Comments on Heather and Chris’s wedding teaser

  1. I’m excited to see MOAR because I’m *pretty* sure that’s the Moshulu in Philadelphia (my hometown)!

  2. Love love love that the bridesmaid dresses didn’t all match. It looks so much better (and everyone is so much happier) if the bridesmaids can wear styles that they like and that work for them. Bonus if they can wear the dresses again another day.

    Plus, I think it looks a lot more sophisticated and original than making all the bridesmaids look like copies of each other. Why shouldn’t they look like themselves?

  3. I am simply in love with her over-the-hip corset topped dress. It accents her form beautifully, I wish I knew where she had gotten it from.

  4. Um, the slide show appears to be from a different wedding.

    That wedding looks awesome, too, but I’d really like to see Heather and Chris’s. 🙂

    • That’s odd, what wedding are you seeing? I just checked and it’s showing Heather and Chris’s wedding from Love Me Do Photography’s Flickr set.

      • I am actually seeing several different weddings in the slide show as well. It looks like it is displaying multiple shoots by the photographer, not just Heather and Chris’s. They are all beautiful weddings though! 🙂

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