“Saber the Flavor” of Han and Leia’s Rebel wedding planning details

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A little while ago, in a galaxy far far away, my friend Laura of Rebel Belle Weddings and I attended a Star Wars-themed birthday party. I went as Luke on Dagobah.

Laura broke out her Jedi robes, dropped the “Belle” from her business name, and went as the Rebel wedding planner, complete with a binder labeled “Rebel Weddings: Leia and Han.” We all had a good laugh at that costume detail.

Oh, but that binder was more than just a prop!

Inside the binder was filled with detailed wedding plans for Han and Leia's future wedding aboard the Millennium Falcon (of course).

There's a full-on wedding timeline, a detailed diagram of the Millennium Falcon Event Hall, even invoices from wedding vendors such as Admiral AckBar Service, R2DJ, Aunt Beru's Bakes and Cakes (too soon?), and my personal favorite: Saber the Flavor Catering. Those invoices are also full of Star Wars Easter eggs. See if you can find them all…

mf digaram
Milennium Falcon Event HAll Quotation
Yoda Officiant Quotation
R2DJ Quote
Saber the Flavor Catering Service Invoice
Utini Rentals Service Quote
Admiral AckBar Service Invoice
Aunt Berus Bakes and Cakes Quotation
Leia & Han Wedding Timeline

You can imagine how much time I spent at the party, just reading the details of Han and Leia's wedding. I think my favorite Easter eggs are the security note that the father of the bride is NOT to be let in, and the Yoda-speak at the bottom of his wedding officiant invoice.

What were your favorite details?

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