Amanda Brooks 3 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Here's a example of how to deal with cross-gender wedding parties. Check out the fabulous groom's girls/best women in this shot from Jessicka & Christian's fabulous wedding. Also, check out the bride and groom with a large rabbit:

Amanda Brooks 4 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

(Thanks to Amanda Brooks Photography for the shot!)

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  1. So cool to see! I am having a Bridesman and My FH is having a bridesLADY. And you have to stress the Lady part of that cause it makes it sound so funny. We are also thinking about letting them do readings or storytelling in the ceremony. My Bridesman is a great story teller and we were hoping he could tell a humourus story about FH and I!

  2. We’re doing the cross gender thing too. My nearest and dearest happens to include a man. George wants his sister to stand with him.

    We actually had another issue come up where my bridesman offered to wear one of the bridesmaids dresses “so as not to draw attention to himself”. Ordanarily I’d be ok with this (I bought him his first pair of ladies knickers) but I already knew what he should wear.

  3. I love the pictures, The bunny a great idea! Now I need to come up with my own strange furry animals to keep the family entertained. Great Wedding and Great job!

  4. Does anyone know where she got her dress? Its wonderful and exactly what Im looking for!

  5. Update: I found some info about the dress, ::ahem:: Laura…I found a great article about this wedding at the following about the dress ”
    Jessicka’s dress was a blend of influences — “Addams Family” and turn-of-the-century vintage. Costumers Adele Mildred and M’Lynn designed a silhouette that was slimmer on top and flared at the knees with a small train, made of champagne silk overlaid with black French Chantilly lace. Mildred had also made the dainty veiled doll hat worn by guest Liz McGrath, the diminutive downtown sculptor known by friends as “Bloodbath McGrath.” McGrath had, in turn, designed the dozen or so creepy little rabbit centerpieces, each ghoulish bunny elaborately attired in top hat, polka dots and pink lace collar.” So The search continues!

  6. We have a guy on my side and a girl on his. Normally I would have just swapped them, but there were so many changes that it’s just how it worked out. First our good friend and her girlfriend were going to be partners in the wedding, so one of the girls ordered the dress that matches the other girls, and one that’s the same style in black and white. Then they had a terrible break up and the girl in the colored dress decided not to be in the wedding any more. So our friend in the black dress still had to be on the guys side (since she was in the black and white dress). Sooooo it was too late to order the dress for a new girl, so my FH found one more guy and we moved one of his groomsmen to my side (who is actually one of my best friends).

    Lol I’m sure no one really cares how this happened, but I thought I would humor myself with the strange story 😉

  7. the bride is Jessicka! from the band scarling, and was formerly in the band Jack Off Jill! she looks gorgeous

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