Offbeat groom gear ideas I stole from my husband’s Pinterest

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Those of you who read Offbeat Home have heard about my husband's scandalous love affair with Pinterest. He's been pinning like a fiend for the last six months, and he's got some stuff pinned that I thought might be of interest to Offbeat Grooms who are just starting down their process of “I think I don't want a tux, but then what DO I want?” Here, courtesy of my husband's Pinterest board, are a few ideas.


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Image via GQ
Image via GQ


Ben Hill

styleclicker city

Jacket options

trimmed jacket

Antonio Ciongoli of MB

via Dapper Dude
via Dapper Dude

Accessories & Details

Mens socks

Holy fuck, yes

Image via Kit Stolen
Image via Kit Stolen

Offbeat Grooms, I KNOW YOU'RE READING. Come out of the shadows and share some style inspiration with us!

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Comments on Offbeat groom gear ideas I stole from my husband’s Pinterest

    • I have ALWAYS wondered where those dreads came from. I assumed it was just something someone did for a convention. I’m now super excited to buy some.

  1. Love this! I love the hat in photo #5 and the mustache in the last picture. My sweetie would love this, too. I’ll have to show him.

  2. Well I know he won’t log on here so I think it falls to me to share my groom’s awesome outfit:

    That gorgeous jacket is a Gothic Lolita Prince Style jacket from fanplusfriend:

    It takes a while to receive things from them because they’re in China and make most things to order (even if you’re a standard size) but the quality is decent for the price and the styles are fabulous! I got jealous of his awesome coat and had to order a similar one for myself (in purple and without the ruffles and buttons but otherwise same idea). Order at least 2 months ahead of time, preferably 3.

    • Fabulous! Also, I am jealous that your husband’s hair is better conditioned than mine. *fawn*

      • He spends more time and effort on his hair than I do on mine! Partly that’s just because mine is straight so it’s easier to deal with 🙂

  3. – is my husband in his chocolate brown morning coat, brown pinstripe pants, houndstooth vest with blue satin lapel,striped tie, and a bright blue leather tophat. Oh, and he has his cane I got him from Ren Fest. – is the top hat in detail. The people we got them from,, are a super awesome mom and pop operation. Mostly mom.

  4. I’m in the wedding industry and am perpetually putting together my condo so I have a good excuse for being on Pinterest (excuse, pfft) but was shocked to discover my boyfriend signed up and started using it too.

    I have to say, it was pretty cute when he started pinning to his “My Style” board… and let’s not even get started on how adorable it is that he has a “PE” board with all his favorite workout gear.

    I am going to send him this, maybe he and your hubby can share pins.

    Gotta love confident men not at all afraid to head right into girl territory!

  5. Oh yessssss. I do usually read Offbeat Home, but missed that post in the blur of holiday retail job and graduating college. My fiance doesn’t have a Pinterest, but I keep a board on mine for ideas for his wedding outfit. This post (and Andreas’ board) make me soooo happy. It’s hard to find alternatives for the groom to wear!

  6. yeah i’m afraid i’m going to have to blame Andreas for the fact me and a friend started a joint guy’s fashion pinboard… which now has more followers than any other of my boards lol. even if my groom-to-be isn’t that interested in doing the research i’ve found it helpful to start visualizing what might look good on him!

  7. Andreas has some ROCKIN’ style – thank you for sharing, Ariel! I would totally swoon over any guy dressed in that Kit Stolen style – and most of the others too! I am definitely getting that first vest for someone special. Really LOVE the hair & moustache combo in the last photo.

  8. I also follow Andreas on Pinterest, haha. I repinned the Alexander McQueen one a few weeks ago, love it. The one above that with the dreads is actually the inspiration for my own suit. I basically want that, but in brown and cream, with a deep purple ascot, and bronze accessories instead of silver. Working with a tailor online to make that happen. Thanks or sharing these, and thanks Andreas for some great pins.

    • Shawn: I demand (DEMAND!) pictures of this outfit once it’s done. 🙂

  9. Oh man, I’m glad for this post. I feel like I’m in over my head when it comes to menswear. Like, I don’t just want to go to a Men’s Wearhouse — we had a not-so-great experience with one, not eager to repeat on our day. But I’m not sure where else to go!

      • FH and his “kingsmen” are getting suited up with Duchess! they are fantastic! FH is getting the Adam Adament suit and his crew is getting tailored trousers and suspenders.

        SO CUTE! I can’t sing enough praise for Duchess!

  10. This is all lovely for guys who can pull off the skinny as a rail look but I got a rather big guy who is not built for vests and jackets are tough.Ideas?

    • Personally, I am a fan of bigger dudes in suspenders. But I kind of love them for everyone.

    • I intentionally included hats, accessories, and details that work for any sized dude!

    • My Mr is a bigger guy too and we decided a morning suit was the best look for him.
      Adding some flair will make it more an “outfit”.
      As he walks with a cane already, we’ve got a stunning Victorian styled one picked out, he’ll wear an ascot styled tie and carry a pocket watch. I’ve got my eye on some cufflinks too.
      For us it’s all in the accessories,lol.

    • Actually my dude is about as big as they come and he only wears vests because they fit his ultra broad shoulders and 40 inch sleeve.
      And because he can keep it on comfortably through the night it covers the underarm sweat. Nitty gritty, I know, but give it a try.


    . . . sorry, just had to say that, because it is *awesome*.

  12. My dude is totally getting a pocket watch for his wedding present.

    My groom is really not into ‘style’ – he has informed me he would wear his Man Utd jersey to our wedding if it was left up to him (and I can’t really work out if he’s joking or not)… His complete lack of vanity is why I love him of course, but I may have to pointedly leave this page open around him and get him to PICK A FECKING OUTFIT!

  13. Husband was so excited about his wedding look that I actually asked not to see anything until the day of. Then I cried about how hot he looked. Mmmmm… dark green velvet and copper. Mmmmmm…

  14. I’m getting married in October, and I’ve known for quite a while that I do not want to wear a tux to my wedding. I majored in music in college so wearing tuxes has always been something that I equate with performing on stage. I want to feel classy and dressy on my big day but not like I’m about to perform Mozart’s Requiem with a symphony orchestra.

    The problem is, going for different styles for grooms can become a huge cost burden very quickly. This is mostly because my brother/best man and I are big guys who can’t simply go to Goodwill and find even the ugliest stuff, let alone what we’d want. So I feel like I am pretty much relegated to renting so that we’d have clothes that fit.

    However, I think I have maybe come up with a solution that would pair a light grey jacket with a slate grey pant, white shirts and purple ties (that’s my SO’s colors). I think I’ll be very happy with that in the end!

  15. I am getting my groom that tweed vest. So damn sexy. OMG.

    I originally wanted him to wear a tweed suit at our wedding, but he INSISTED upon a Lord Grantham Style Tux. Ah well. he’ll be hot either way!

  16. Wow. Just wow. I’m gonna have to start a new oddly specific google search:

    Hot Asian men in steampunk with gloves and kickass dreads

  17. We’re going in the fantasy style direction, so my guy’s been talking about a formal ‘tunic’ style.
    At this point it seems like I’ll be making it but here’s the basic idea.
    Only his will have sleeves.
    I wish I could talk him into that steampunk look… So sexy.

  18. Just bought the asymmetrical vest for my honey. I left this page up for him to peruse and thank goodness he liked something! Thanks!

  19. Photos won’t load on my computer or my MBF’s! Is it because Pinterest has changed something since this post was created?

    • Yeah, we’re not sure what database shenanigans Pinterest is up to, but it is rendering a few of our Pinterest-y posts broken. But we’re fixing them, including this one! 🙂

  20. My groom will be in a vest. With a short sleeved shirt. He’s got very broad shoulders and looks so uncomfortable in a full suit/tux coat. Lol. Aaaand I LOVE his upper arms. Teehee. I’m so excited for it it’s not even funny….

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