aarons-green-suitI'll have the full scoop on Christina & Aaron's wedding for y'all next week, but for now I just wanted to post this picture and say that Aaron has made a statement on behalf of all offbeat grooms, that statement being “WHO SAYS A SUIT HAS TO BE FREAKING BORING!?”

Even if a chartreuse silk suit isn't your thing, you must bow down at Aaron's fabulous nose thumbing at the forces of the wedding world that tell grooms everywhere “Your job is to be an understated accessory at your own wedding. This is her special daaaaaay.”

So Aaron, on behalf of Offbeat Brides everywhere … I salute you and your amazing green suit.

(PS: y'all are going to lose your minds when you see the bridesmaids outfits that went with this wedding!)

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Comments on Aaron’s amazing green suit

  1. I have been saying that the groom is important for awhile now. I have tried to include my fiance in the plans as much as he wants. No pink. No frills. I wanted him to feel comfortable and not take the backseat. I know that most people are like a wedding is for the bride. But NO I say! It’s for the couple. I believe hardcore in your statement that a wedding should reflect the couple!

    Wow. Sorry to rant there.

  2. My boyfriend(we are not engaged) has made mention of wanting to wear a very elaborate tux when he (maybe we) get married. I say: Go for it! It should be about the couple and their tastes, not the bride only.

  3. I am losing my mind already over this couple. They both look fabulous. His tie, those sparkles on her train? I can’t wait to see more.

  4. I have actually jacket made of that silk and same colour even 😛

    I love green but I have funny feeling that my fiancee wouldn’t like that. 😛 But he looks definitely fabulous in it.

  5. Looks awesome. It’s cool that they both went for an unusual color and they totally pulled it off.

  6. Aw, I wish my honey was so brave. He would look fab-tastic.

    Reminds me of that scene in “I Love You, Man.” Rockin’ shiny blue tux!

  7. This is so freaking fabulous. I am so glad that people are doing what makes them happy. And that they look so fabulous doing it is even more awesome!
    Congratulations on your marriage and on your super taste in wedding attire. Can’t wait to see more about this colorful wedding.

  8. Wow! Fanbloodytastic, great to see such usual colours and on the fella too! Cant wait to see more pics….

  9. Fabulous!!! I just saw a wedding gown in a white silk with butterflies that I was going crazy over – BUT – this is so much more amazing!! LOVE IT!

  10. I think it's a bit sad that a lot of the wedding industry focuses on the bride. A wedding, just like the marriage ahead of it, is about the couple, not just one of them.

    That being said, that is the most pimptastic suit I've seen in quite a while. And yes, that WAS a compliment. 😀

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