Wanna see the perfect cake for your Grand Canyon wedding?

Guest post by AnyaMind
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We're total Grand Canyon nerds, so our cake for our Grand Canyon wedding was such a blessing. I used to work at a cakery and one of my past co-workers/good friend offered to make us a cake for only cost of ingredients.


It is completely geologically accurate, which is something we really insisted on from the start…

Photo by Sierra Smith Photography.
Photo by Sierra Smith Photography.


263366_10200862003619677_169232386_nAnd we even decided to turn the cake cutting into a geology lesson. As we cut the cake, Dillon named and explained the composition of each layer. It was a blast and so appropriate for us.

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  1. NICE RED BEDS YA GOT THERE!!! But no really this cake has me filled with geo-love. You guys are AWESOME.

  2. This is awesome! I’m not even in to geology and I wish I had been at your wedding anyway!

  3. Far out! What a great idea… mmmm I could totally go an Aussie version with a cake of Uluru or Kata Tjuta. If it gets me smiles likes yours on my big day, it’d totally be worth the extra effort it must take to make a geologically-correct cake! Thank you for sharing x

  4. Being a cake decorator on the side, I think this is the coolest cake I’ve seen in a long time! Nice job on it too!!

  5. How funny! I laughed as soon as I opened this post. I have a geologist friend who would have done the same thing with this cake, turned it into a lesson about the earth’s layers.

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