“Goth faerie” faux-real

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Were you curious to see how Avalon's bad-ass, “androgynous punk/faerie goth princess” faux-hawk turned out on the actual day of the wedding? I know I sure was. It obviously turned out great…
Ring Ceremony

Avalon placed a floor length, black “cupcake” tulle skirt over a black and red ruched tea-length dress from Macy's, to construct the perfect goth faerie look. She shut it down. Not to mention her offbeat husband's black hair with the red tips matched her outfit oh so perfectly.

Here's the full wedding!

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  1. WOW! So awesome. Though I’m not goth myself I always find I end up drooling over the goth weddings.

    • Agreed! In more recent years FH and I have toned down our own gothness toward a more 1940s/20’s/Steampunk mix, but I LOVE goth weddings!

  2. YAY!!!
    so glad your wedding is getting featured Avalon – you looked beautiful (and so did Danny)

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