Planning a New York wedding is surprisingly easy, thanks to Elope NYC

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Thinking about getting married in New York? Elope NYC offers civil or spiritual ceremonies with all the fun and romance of a big city wedding without all the stress and copious amounts of dough. (Seriously, Elope NYC‘s wedding packages start at $350. OMGWTFBBQ! Seems like you can't even cross the street in NYC for less than $20, so a whole wedding for $350 is a deal.)

And if the name sounds familiar, it's because Ariel told you about Elope NYC before, but now they're back with an even better offer for Offbeat Brides!

Offbeat Discount:
$100 discount off of any package for weddings booked in January 2010.

Registered New York wedding officiant Judie Guild, helps couples celebrate anywhere they wish — parks, hotels, roofdecks, Unitarian churches, lofts, random NYC tourist sites… pretty much anywhere your crazy offbeat brain can think up.

Judie and Elope NYC are even offering a budget “Justice of the Peace”-style ceremony at Judie's office or another site in the metro region. If you need a witness and/or photographer, be sure to ask about the “Offbeat Bride” special.

So if you want to get married in NYC in 2010 and don't want to mortgage the farm to do it, get in touch with Elope NYC. Be sure to mention OBB for the $100 discount!

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Comments on Planning a New York wedding is surprisingly easy, thanks to Elope NYC

  1. I just eloped in nyc and it cost 35 + 25 = 60 bucks. And getting married at city hall is fun. I don't understand what your paying for here. Looks like a great way to advertise for a Justice of the Peace cause all those places in the pictures are just public places… If you live here I would not recommend it.

  2. The photo above is mesmerizing. Photographer did quite a great job in using the buildings with such nice architectural design as a fabulous backdrop complimented by the green foliage. I love the shot!!! Makes me want to elope to NYC…

  3. Judie Guild was the officiant at my wedding this Summer (2009), and I can totally recommend her! We contacted her somewhat last minute due to our prior officiant's cancellation. She was very responsive and provided us with some great inspiration for drafting our vows. She conducted a beautiful ceremony that really fit our personalities. Even our family members were very impressed, and they were originally hoping for a Catholic wedding mass instead. I thought I'd give a shout out to her, because she really did an excellent job 🙂 Thanks!

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