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The Offbeat Bride: Bailey, sign artist at Trader Joe's

Her offbeat partner: Martyn, sign artist at Trader Joe's

Date and location of wedding: The Solarium in Decatur, GA — October 31, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Martyn knew even before he proposed that I would want to get married on Halloween night. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. My parents used to throw major Halloween parties at our house when I was a kid and everyone in the whole neighborhood would come in costume. I decided that I mostly wanted to use the wedding as an excuse to throw the biggest comeback/reunion Halloween party that I could muster up.

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We DIYed a lot and didn't need to hire a florist, a baker, a photographer, a decorator, a band, or an officiant because my friends collectively contributed so much. We were really lucky to have so many talented friends and family helping.

My Wedding Dress Front View 1

I didn't even need to buy a wedding gown because my mom made me a dress from scratch based on my design (which was based off of my moonstone engagement ring).


We asked everyone to wear a costume, and didn't want anyone in our wedding party to match. Some guests chose costumes that expressed their love for us as a couple and dressed up as a lot of our favorite things.



Tell us about the ceremony: A friend of ours officiated, and wore a priest robe and a Jafar hat. He read his script that Martyn had written from a Weddings For Dummies book.



Our biggest challenge:
Martyn had some groomsmen drop out at the last minute, but luckily we had some other friends that would walk in their stead, including our three-legged dog. My mom also left my wedding jacket at her house which was forty-five minutes away from the venue, and I didn't realize this until right before I was meant to walk down the aisle (which was unfortunate, because a lot of the wedding was meant to be outside and it was freezing out!). Some amazing friends actually drove all the way there and back during the reception to retrieve the jacket so I wouldn't freeze. Any obstacle we faced was resolved because we have really awesome, high-quality friends all around us.


My favorite moment:
My dad passed away the year before, so my grandpa walked me down the aisle in his place. My dad was in the Navy and was gone a lot when I was a kid, so my grandpa used to take me to the Girl Scout's father/daughter dances when my dad couldn't, so it was only appropriate.

Martyn and I have some best friends who we set up together after we first got together, and they are now engaged. They served as our maid of honor/best man couple duo and dressed like Beetlejuice and Lydia. They each made a really meaningful toast during the reception.


My funniest moment:
My three-legged puppy, Grendel, was dressed up as the disarmed Black Knight from Monty Python, fake blood spurt and all.



Our officiant played with a band in which everyone dressed as brides called LUST. I requested that the band wear wedding gowns for their stage attire. I mostly just wanted to see a large, black metal singer in a wedding gown playing a cover of “The Power Of Love.”


When we danced to our first dance song, “Don't You Pay Them No Mind” by Nina Simone, Jay and Silent Bob were slow dancing with each other beside us. I really liked that.


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  1. Oh my goodness, this wedding makes me happy! Such lovely photos, I love the dress and I love your guests costumes, well done them 🙂 Wedding for Dummies is an inspired touch too, love it! Many congratulations

  2. I am digging this wedding so much – I love every single detail.

    Can I add that you also have the coolest grandfather on earth?

  3. Oh my gods, your three legged dog as the black knight is the best pet costume I’ve ever seen. Amazing.

  4. That wedding dress is so killer! I totally love it, and wish I had someone awesome to make me one too!

  5. This. Is. So. Cool. Such a beautiful and fun looking wedding. Totally heart your dogs costume too 🙂

    • Groom here! My very talented wife Bailey drew & colored the paper doll invites, and the hand lettering/arrangement was me. It was a very fun joint effort! The costumes on the dolls were our old Halloween costumes from the past few years.

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