In the mood for some fabulous vintage style? This wedding delivers. The bride, Courtney, gives us two dresses to satisfy our appetites: a lusciously beaded, green flapper-style number, and a vintage 1920s dress with the actual accompanying headpiece, which we've been staring at covetously ever since we first saw it. And wait until you see the photo of the original bride wearing both pieces.

The wedding took place at the 19th-century (supposedly haunted) Victorian house of a friend of Courtney and Eric's in McDonough, GA. Vintage-style Coke bottles, an old accordion, peacock feathers, and a sunny Southern day transport us right back into the past.

There are loads of detail shots (especially of that headpiece), so keep scrolling for the photos by Red Fly Studio.






















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Comments on A 1920s-era vintage wedding in a 19th-century Victorian house

  1. I want her reception dress – that is pure beauty and attitude!

    What a gorgeous wedding. 🙂

  2. Her hair with that veil is STUNNING, and just when I though it couldn’t get better, her reception dress knocked my socks off!

  3. I am typically not a fan of 20’s themes…but HOLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING! I think you may have just changed my mind.
    I think I love everything, it’s so pretty and everything just fits so well together.
    Just this…all of this… freaking gorgeous! I love the soda ice box, the dress, and veil is freaking god tier awesome. Oh and the photo of the dress in the 20s?? *swoon*

  4. This is fantastic. I love the hair piece and dress. Really everything about it! Beautiful photography as well.

  5. Did she use character shoes? I was thinking about using them because they seem like they’d be the most comfortable heeled shoes to wear. Either way, love the bride AND the groom’s hair!

    • I wore character shoes for mine. Best decision I ever made. SO comfortable for a really long time!

  6. Oh my god, I love the ice chest with glass coke bottles. My fiance is everything ’50’s, like he would do our whole house like that (fine by me), and he is going to freak out when I tell him about this. We are so doing that!

  7. I was wondering why these pictures looked so familiar, and then I realized that I had already seen them because Courney’s younger sister is a good friend of mine from high school! Such a gorgeous wedding for some of the sweetest people on the planet 🙂

  8. Both of these dresses are just too much for one computer screen! The beading on the green one, and THAT HEADPIECE!

  9. What a cute couple!

    Oh my goodness, her hair and both of the dresses… absolutely lovely!

  10. There’s so much to love about this one! Just beautiful from start to finish.

  11. Did you rent the dress and headpiece or where did you find it?? Also, how to did you come by a photo of the original bride in them dress and headpiece, was it an ancestor ?? Thanks.

    • I’d also really like to know how you found that 1920’s dress, because the photo is of my great grandparents!
      Thank you!

      • This is so random!! I came across a photo from this post just now in my Pinterest feed. The photographers that shot this wedding are good friends of mine, and at the time of this wedding, one of them was pregnant, so they hired me as a third photographer just so they’d have some back up. When Courtney bought the dress and headpiece (together) on Etsy, the seller included the vintage photo of the couple, and in it, the bride is wearing the dress and headpiece, which I thought was THE COOLEST!!! Is it really your great-grandparents?! I can’t remember whether or not Courtney knew or mentioned who the seller of the dress was, or how they came to own the dress, or if they knew the original owner.

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