geeky manicure

A big thanks to Cortney who submitted this video tutorial for gamer geek nail polish. Cortney wrote,

I found this on YouTube, and I immediately thought of all the Nintendo-loving brides on this website. One-Up Mushroom nail polish!

I wish I had seen this when my mother and I were getting into the great “you have to have a French manicure for your wedding” debate of '08, because this is an awesome offbeat option to the French manicure. And if I had actual nice, long, girl-type nails I would've rocked this so hard…

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Comments on The ultimate manicure for gamer brides!

  1. Uh. Muh. GAWD. *Dies*

    My question: what do you call that tool she used to dab the white circles onto the mushroom top? I doubt I could replicate those perfect circles with a brush… and I MUST replicate those perfect circles. MUST.

  2. YAY! Third time I’ve gotten a mention on OBB, you have no idea how thrilled I am. *:P

    I am trying out this nail polish for a family Christmas party. I think it’s going to be a hit!

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