We had a Game of Thrones themed shower with an actual Iron Throne!

Guest post by CandiceB

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I could not have been more surprised when, three months after my engagement to Elliott was announced, my usually traditional mom called me and said “How would you feel about a Game of Thrones themed shower?” Elliott and I love the show and we were eagerly awaiting the next season. I was jumping up and down ecstatically when I told her “YES!”

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For invitations, I found a dragon invitation template on Etsy. We printed them on cream colored cardstock we found from a local crafting store.

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My mom's family took care of most of the planning for the shower such as finding the venue and catering. I had trouble thinking of decorations to fit our theme. I scoured Offbeat Bride and Pinterest for ages trying to find decor that would work. I'm not a very crafty person. I have altered clothes to make into great cosplays, but don't really like making things from scratch, which was what I was running into a lot on Pinterest.

Fortunately, I found a few GOT character Cubees and one of the bridesmaids volunteered to make origami symbols of each house (e.g. lions, wolves, and dragons). She really went the extra mile by making display stands and house banners out of felt!

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At the shower, my father surprised us with a replica of the Iron Throne that he made himself. It was certainly the crowd favorite for taking pictures.

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I also had trouble finding a card box that would fit the theme. I found a few things that I could modify at craft stores or on Etsy, but they were beyond my budget. While perusing a Dollar General, I found a metal and glass lantern that looked like cards could fit between the metal slots. I downloaded a GOT font and typed “The Wedding is Coming” on some leftover cardstock from the invitations. After putting all the paper into place, my mother-in-law and I decorated it with silk flowers, ivy, and two little dragons on top.

Game of Thrones themed shower
Game of Thrones themed shower

The easiest part was figuring out dessert. My mom's friend is a baker and she told us to find a cake we liked and she would do her best to replicate it. It wasn't hard for us to decide on a cake in the form of the chest of dragon eggs that Daenerys received at her wedding to Khal Drogo. The outside of the cake was buttercream frosting instead of fondant, and inside was lemon cake filled with lemon curd. The eggs were made of white chocolate.

While our guests did not dress up for the event, our bridal party sure did. I took inspiration from the Mother of Dragons herself and wore a blue dress and had a black dragon pouch on my shoulder. One of my bridesmaids tied my hair in Khaleesi braids. Another dressed as Melisandre, complete with a red wig and red contacts. My fiancee wore his brown kilt and the rest of our bridal party wore Renaissance-inspired outfits or even their LARPing gear.

While opening gifts, I know that I gave some of our guests a heart attack when I needed help opening gifts and my fiance handed me a large dagger.

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One of our favorite moments was opening the box that held our dragon wedding goblets that we'd bought from the Fellowship Foundry.

Everyone had tons of fun at the wedding shower. It was certainly an excellent foreshadowing of our just as much fun wedding.

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