This one funny wedding RSVP line will make your guests laugh all the way to a reply

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We know that getting guests to RSVP to the wedding is like getting your cat to cook dinner: rare but appreciated. Okay it never happens, and RSVPs tend to feel the same way. But with one tiny addition on your RSVP, you can subtly and humorously tell your guests you mean business about this RSVP deadline.

Just add something to the effect of, “If you don't RSVP by [date], please bring a chair and a sandwich.” Ya'll ain't getting fed if you don't RSVP, folks.

It's a funny wedding RSVP addition we can get behind for all your lazy, busy, and just plain forgetful guests (who you love anyway!). Hell, maybe you've been one of those lazy guests yourself. At least this line will give you a head start in chasing down the coveted RSVPs you'll surely be hunting down later.

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Will you be using this trick to LOL your guests into submission? Let us know if it works for you!

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Comments on This one funny wedding RSVP line will make your guests laugh all the way to a reply

  1. We did this! I was a bit worried people would find it rude but everyone I’ve spoken to has said it made them laugh 🙂

  2. I really like this line because it’s inclusive. It doesn’t say, “If you don’t reply, you can’t come. End of story.” I felt like if I didn’t RSVP, I wouldn’t be hated or excluded; I would just have to accommodate myself. That makes the difference to me.

  3. I love the whole Mad Libs concept of this! But can anyone think of something to put if your venue has strict limitations on guest numbers? I’m sure some of us know people just silly enough to actually follow through with that suggestion! I agree with Cassie, I like that it’s not completely exclusionary and I would have no problem if someone did this, but in some cases it’s not an option.

  4. I am sending the “Save The Date” card of my son’ wedding to my friends. They don’t know my son or his name.

    How would I say on the card so they know that I will invite them (or who we are).

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