Funky cake stands and dessert displays that’ll make your noms look like art!

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funky wedding cake displays and standsLast week I showed y'all some fun cake cutting knives. This week I thought I'd show you some cake and dessert displays. Inspired by my weird cupcake display, I thought I'd bring some wacky, weird, and wonderful cake stands and displays, perfect for showcasing your yummy wedding desserts.

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Set of 3 Fancy Jeweled Black Square Cake StandsLet's start with this amazing set of three black iron cake stands. I'm thinking this would be an amazing feature at goth weddings, Victorian weddings, and black tie events. Whatever wedding these get used for, I just want to see them getting used! So amazing. Ooh, it also comes in white and round!

360 Degrees Glass Revolving Cake standI know that, technically, this is a cake decorating stand. BUT with its tempered glass base and modern aesthetics, I think this thing would make a cool wedding cake stand. Bonus: It rotates 360º on ball bearings, so there's easy access to any section come cake cutting time.

3 Tier Floating cake standWhat!? Floating space cake FTW! They also have a floating hearts in space design. Either way, floating cakes are awesome and it's a proven fact that things taste better when they're floating. 😉

3-Tier ServerI like this three-tier tray. Good for mini desserts. Ooh, or cool oblong wedding cakes!

Clear Acrylic Riser SetHere's a more modern-looking display. I like the really clean lines of this one.

Wilton Celebration Cake Stand Kit alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)This is just a cheapy cardboard cake stand, but as far as cardboard displays go, this one is really colorful and fun AND comes with a silly plastic cake server. If you're just doing one or a few small cakes, or even cupcake displays, this would be an affordable way to add some more character to your display.

Parisian Ceramic Cake PlateThis Parisian ceramic cake plate is simple, colorful, and gorgeous.

Wilton 307 859 3 Tier Cakes N More Party Stand alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)I LOVE asymmetrical dessert displays! This three-tiered cake stand with chrome and glass is one of my absolute favorites. With three different cakes, or with loads of cupcakes, this is going to make quite a statement at your wedding.

French Bull Melamine 12-Inch Cake StandYou may recognize these melamine beauties from my cake knife roundup, but they also have matching cake stands! Squee! Am I crazy for loving all of these French Bull melamine cake stands together? So perfect for a colorful wedding.

Tiered Cake DisplayMatfer Bourgeat, maker of professional bakery equipment and tools, brings us this seven tiered cake display of wonderment. Apparently the tier positioning makes for a good center of gravity or something, I just think it looks freaking cool.

nambe cake plateThis cake stand and knife combo from Nambe is best for smaller cakes, clearly. But it's also undeniably sexy.

asymetrical cake standHere's another asymmetrical tiered dessert display made of white plastic. I want to eat all those cakes.

notengomiedo alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Etsy seller NoTengoMiedo Clay has some incredible cake stands, including this skull-adorned baby and even one for you Portal fans.

Savoie Glass 11 inch Round Cake StandThese Savoie glass round cake stands are small, so you just might have to buy all of them! Which is awesome, because all the wonderful colors that these cake stands come in are so much fun.

CreativeWare 3 Tier Unbreakable Buffet ServerWonky display is wonky! It's also made out of unbreakable plastic — unbreakable, like your lurve.

Modern Deco Three Tier Metal Dessert Stand alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)This one is so cool it should be featured on Offbeat Home as well. It could be your rad throw-back to to mid-century dessert display at your wedding and then be used at your mid-century modern home just as easily.

Jadeite Jade Green Milk Glass Cake Plate StandSpeaking of mid-century modern, I'm a HUGE fan of anything Jadite. So of course I'm obsessing over this Jadeite cake stand. Race ya to it. 😉

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  2. Ooooooo! It’s not in my budget to purchase anything outright for our cupcakes, but I have to come up with some kind of tower/display for them. I hadn’t found anything online that I was quite happy with yet, but these babies offer some serious inspiration! THANKS!

    I think my future hubby-do and I could definitely re-create that 7 tiered cupcake stand and make it look AWESOME.

  3. I have seen alot of these on and Love to get something very different.. all of the pictured ones here looks great to me not just for weddings but many partys ideas.

  4. We are having a dessert reception and I have been buying and making all kinds of cake stands for stuff to go on! There are some awesome ones in this roundup. I just made a whole bunch out of thrift store plates and teacups that I glued together for a sweet vintage look.

  5. These are so cool ! Thanks!I can share these ideas with Brides who use my DIY Wedding cake book/video.
    DIY Brides, you rock !!

  6. Hi I want to know how to purchase the cake decorating stand.
    The one that’s glass stainless and it rotates. Thanks. Joann

  7. I’m surprised to not see a wood round for a cake stand – but maybe that’s not really classified as funky. I am looking for a natural wood round with bark, same thickness as each layer of cake and about 24″ in diameter. Hard to find at an affordable price…

  8. Just FYI I have that rectangular glass and swirly legged sled looking dealy. It’s not the most sturdy thing. It’s VERY pretty though. A lot of times I just end up using the glass trays without the stand.

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