Use floral-infused ice blocks instead of bags of ice

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What you're looking at are the prettiest blocks of ice ever. They may just be the best thing for all your wedding ice needs. Iowa farm bride Maria explained how they were (surprisingly) affordably made…

Months before the wedding my mother started collecting plastic bottles. She filled them with water and [fake] flowers and put them in the freezer. The morning of the wedding we cut off the plastic to reveal the blocks of ice. They were both pretty and took the place of having to buy bags of ice for an outdoor summer wedding.

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    • Asking because the post says to use these “instead of bags of ice,” but I can’t tell if this would work to cool drinks.

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  2. I’ve read that boiling water before freezing it will cause it to freeze clear, rather than cloudy. I wonder if you’d get a better view of the flowers hidden within that way? Something to try! 🙂

    • I know that boiling water will freeze clear but 2 things make me worry about the possibility of doing this craft with hot water.
      1. Boiling water (or even really hot water) will melt plastic bottles. I have learned this repeatedly over the years. If you had a silicone container like a cake pan (I have a heart shaped one) that might work better.
      2. I’m not sure how fresh flowers would hold up to being dunked in boiling water.

  3. Oh ha, just realized that they’re plastic flowers! That makes more sense. You might want to mention that in the post in case people want to try this idea.

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