Sandra & Conrad Wedding 638

Sandra-Lee and Conrad's take on a first dance struck us as genius. Right after the ceremony, right at the altar, they had their big smooch and went right into a super romantic first dance. Cue your first dance song after the kiss and get ready to see some serious emotion from your guests. We're verklempt just thinking about it.

Definitely go see the rest of this wedding, because this is only the beginning.

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Comments on Have your first dance right at the altar

  1. We’re actually doing this; I’m very excited and comforted to know that other couples are doing this as well 🙂

  2. I was thinking about doing this but worried it might be weird. We are having a super small wedding though and everyone will be seated in a circle around us during the ceremony anyway. Dancing isn’t going to be a huge part of the rest of the day but my fiancée does want a first dance, so to go ahead and do it while everyone is in the same place seems logical.

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