Fiery wedding dress

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mode merr flame dress alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Way back in August of 2007, I featured photos of Carol's flame-licked wedding dress.

…And now, I believe I have finally answered the question of where the dress came from: Mode Merr.

They have 'em in a different lengths and color combos.

If you're into that whole fiery wedding thing, go look.

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  1. i LOVE Mode Merr! They have great clothes, lots of pin up girl kinda things in a wide range of sizes (even mine!). I know they do awesome custom flame skirts and dresses too, and they used to have doll bras too. I highly recommend them, and they have a sale going on right now too!

  2. According to their site, they do a white with pink flames. That kind of reminds me of gwen stefani’s dress that was dyed pink on the bottom and then faded to white. I think this would be a great option for someone inspired by her style.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to this great company! I love the customer gallery – so many beautiful REAL women in all sizes! Such a refreshing change from mainstream fashion!

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