Formal faux hawks, undercuts, and other lady-mohawk awesomeness

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Let's stop it with the nonsense about brides needing to grow their hair out — here are some great ways to rock your short, spikey (…perhaps even a little bit dykey?) hair on your wedding day.

If you've got the courage to pull off a little height and little punk, a faux hawk (or full blammo mohawk!) is a versatile way to take it to new heights. Hell, it can even be done with long hair.

Check out these hawk-styles we collected via the Offbeat Bride archives…

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Portrait before ceremony

alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

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Here are a couple of video tutorials for a colorful and real mohawk from PinkPinupMeow and a faux hawk for curly hair from BargainPrincess:


Who among you wants to pull one of these styles off? How are you sporting your short style? Oh and PS: If you want 18 pages of short hair inspiration, click here!

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  1. Combs! That’s what I should have used for Halloween. I used those long metal salon clips and they didn’t quite work. I imagine it’s still easier with kinky hair.

  2. I love this post! I’ve been fantasizing about a mohawk of my own for a while….

  3. I am so totally rocking the hawk for the wedding. I’m almost at the style I want, the sides of my head are shaved and the top is getting pretty long so I like to spike, braid, or curl it. I’m also growing out pseudo side burn that I braid. Here is my short hair board on Pinterest:

  4. Love it! We were planning to get married next summer, so I had been resisting the urge to cut my hair short (because friends told me to grow it out for the wedding). So when we changed our wedding to two years from now, I chopped it off thinking I would have time to grow it out again before the wedding. But now I’m totally thinking of just rocking my short hair at my wedding. I love my short hair, so why not?

    • I cut my hair off to donate 10 months before the wedding with plenty of time to grow it back (my hair grows ridiculously fast) but then i was like, woah! I love having short hair! I was feeling a lot of pressure to keep growing it out for the wedding, but i just look so damn cute with short hair. It’s good to see other brides bucking that pressure. I know how hard it is.

  5. It’s nice to see some great hair styles for short hair! Every time I go to look for a wedding hairstyle for my short hair, I just get frustrated. It’s basically: wear your hair the way you always do, just stick a sparkly headband in there. ugh!
    Love these though, especially picture #8!

    • I’ll admit, my “wedding hairstyle” for my short hair wasn’t all that different from my normal, everyday ‘do. My now-husband loves the way my hair looks, so why change it too much? I attempted to DIY a birdcage veil, but it turned out wonky, so I made a headband out of the tulle, added some little crystals, and clipped a flower on one side. I still looked like me, just dressed up a little!

  6. Love the Faux Hawk! I rock it several times a week. Thank for the short hair bride love. I was one this summer but decided to switch it up and went with 1920’s finger waves under the facinator

  7. If no one minds me throwing another link in here, this flickr photostream is full of crazy short hairdo inspiration for brides who really want something unique and memorable. They have lots of options for color, texture, etc. I like to live vicariously through their photos since I’ve got an office job that won’t allow for most of them. but for those who can pull it off, happy styling!
    I just realized that this is also the real source for the “windswept mohawk” photo that’s credited to “” I knew I’d seen it somewhere before!

  8. I’m stuck in the category of long and spikey, which is a google images wasteland. For the wedding I’m basically just doing the hair from Jason Wu’s spring 2012 collection which is updo with FEATHERS! Straight-up in there, no fascinator or anything. For day to day wear, I do a lot of flat-ironing with spiked ends and twisted locks or a Phil Oakey early Human League side-braid with the rest flopped over and spiked out. For night, I tease it a bit on top, slick the sides back into a fauxhawk, and slick the front back over the tease-hawk. Combined with a black bodycon it comes off very Blade Runner!

      • reallllly? WOWWWWWW yea cause 3 hours doesn’t work. LOL hahahaah it came right out LOL hahahah 🙂 thanks for the tip! i may try it someday when i’m feeling super-inspired!

  9. I have had some form of short blue (dark, light, bright, shaded) hair for about 4 years now. It’s become my tradmark and really, what I’m most comfortable in. Hell, I work for the government and they are cool with it at my office.

    If I had a dollar for every time some asshat goes “but you don’t want to have short blue hair for your WEDDING, do you? You’re not going to grow it out/dye it/change it/change who you are and who your SO fell in love with to fit my small-box perceptions of the appropriate bride?” I could afford to have them all offed.

    Thank you for this post. Some people just look better in short hair, and some people need to get the hell over it.

  10. Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been wondering what to do with my hair, and figured I would end up with the “the way I always do it with a headband” route as well. These styles are fantastic!

  11. I am a short haired girl and I HATE hearing comments that of course I’ll grow it out for the wedding. Whilst I probably won’t hawk it up, these pictures inspire me to realise I can do awesome things with my awesome short hair! And, of course, when I say ‘I’, I really mean my awesome hairdresser heh.

  12. OMG this is so timely, thank you.

    I had been growing my hair out for A YEAR. Got it collar-bone length, and wanted a trim because I had some split ends and it needed a different shape to it since it was a grown-out pixie cut. Being unemployed, I waited until I was home for Christmas and could get my mom to pay.

    The cut went wrong, all wrong. “1/2 to one inch cut off at the most” was up to 8 inches in some areas and not even touched on the part that actually needed cutting. I had this weird Elvira/Joan Jett/mullet thing going on (and no, she didn’t charge me). I cried for an hour then called a different place that had fixed my bad hair cuts before, but I couldn’t remember where I had been going before I moved when I originally picked where to go. I called, asked if they had any appointments available with someone “good at fixing other people’s mistakes, and skilled with punky modern cuts” and they got me in an hour later.

    She ROCKED it out, and I’m back to short and spikey–shorter than I’ve ever had it, because I have bangs for the first time in 20 years. My partner and I are still discussing timing of things, but I think I’ve decided to keep my hair short, even for the wedding. I just love my short hair too much!

  13. I rocked my faux-hawk at my wedding and I loved every second of it!! My SO fell in love with ME, spiky hair of a variety of colors and all. Why change who you are (even if it is just your hair) for one day? Love this post!!!

  14. everyone told me to grow my hair out for my wedding but it got boring, quick. i didn’t feel like me. so when i confessed this to my fiance, he suggested i try a faux hawk! excited, but a little scared of this plan, i googled it first, and didn’t find much that i liked. so i photoshopped the perfect thing and am headed to the heairdresser next week! i love that it’s edgy, but still has some feminine, retro glam. yay!

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