Monica & Tony’s historic village garden & carousel wedding

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IMG_0322The Offbeat Bride: Monica, Market Information Administrator (and OBT member “Monk“)

Her Offbeat Partner: Tony, Night Auditor

Location & date of wedding: Faust Park, Chesterfield MO, the historic village garden & carousel — 8/30/08

What made our wedding offbeat: We made decisions based on what we wanted to do rather than what we were supposed to do, which in this day is a total bucking of tradition! Based on that idea, every aspect of our wedding was carefully thought out.

The most obvious offbeat aspect of our wedding was that the reception was held in a historic carousel, but there were a lot of little ways the day was a reflection of ourselves. If we didn't want it we didn't do it. So no dollar dance, flower girl, garter toss, etc. We created our own ceremony by looking at five or six different ones, cutting out the stuff we liked and putting it together. I switched to Chucks for the less formal parts of the day. We had a small parade to the reception lead by a guitarist playing The Darkness' “Do You Believe In A Thing Called Love”.

2872100315 600485d6e4 m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Our biggest challenge: Finding a middle ground that our families would be comfortable in. The groom's family was more familiar with simple ceremonies while the bride's family was more familiar with big celebrations. Although finding a middle ground seemed to make sense, we ended up getting criticism from both sides. Because everyone had an idea of what the wedding is “supposed to be,” we had some difficulty along the way. But by reminding family and friends that they only thing we must do is get married, making a few compromises, and by using examples of different kinds of weddings (many from Offbeat Bride), we were able to refrain from losing our minds.

2836886951 26cede5cec m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)My favorite moment: The day was such a whirlwind that there isn't one event that sticks out from the day of the wedding. However, the next morning I woke up early with a stomach ache and went downstairs so as to not wake the new hubby (we stayed in a penthouse with an upstairs and downstairs bedroom) and got in bed and started watching tv and eating snacks in bed. Tony soon woke up and joined me and we opened cards and gifts in bed and shared memories with each other about the wedding day. We laughed a lot and it was way fun opening gifts together, just the two of us.

3062795349 5d193a4cef m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)My advice to other offbeat brides: Be prepared to make compromises. But it helps to have examples from other people's wedding to support your idea. My mom was against a cupcake wedding cake until I pulled up examples from Martha Stewart online. After that I never heard a peep about it. Oh, and definitely share offbeat wedding porn with friends and family! The more familiar they are with weddings outside the norm the more open they will be to yours.

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?: The dress was from David's Bridal but my mom attached the ribbon herself.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

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Comments on Monica & Tony’s historic village garden & carousel wedding

    • Kristen, I personally had no problems with the staff at David's. They were there when I needed them and out of my way when I didn't. My sister had some problems with getting help finding a bridesmaid dress though. The sales person basically pointed her in the right direction and then just disappeared.

  1. I love that brides are now wearing cute sneakers or skimmers with their dresses! So cue! Love the colors!

  2. Being from St. Louis I would have never thought of Faust Park! I'm getting married in Columbia, MO and this makes me think of so many different places now that we could use! Awesome!

  3. "If we didn't want it we didn't do it." Great motto! Too many brides feel obligated to one tradition or another, its your day… own it! Good for you, and congratulations!

  4. I love your advice about sharing the wedding porn with the folks. It's so true! In fact, once I started sharing that with my parents and his parents, they started brain storming with us and sending us ideas of their own, many of which are good. I mean, our extended family will be all weirded out by our wedding, but the handful of people who really matter to me will rawk it out!!!

  5. I'm also from St. Louis, and didn't realize there was a carousel in Faust Park. That's where the fiance proposed!

    Where was your actual ceremony held?

  6. Zommie, our ceremony was held in the historic village at Faust Park- specifically the Conway house garden.

  7. I was a guest at a wedding there many years ago (9th grade boyfriend's aunt's wedding) and I still remember how neat it was to have the carousel to ride on after the ceremony. I still live in St Louis, am planning my own wedding, and Faust Park for some reason NEVER crossed my mind. Thanks for reminding me!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I'm planning a carousel wedding for next summer, and it's so nice to see pics from one. I like that your guests got into riding the carousel. I'm hoping mine will too. Did you have your own music with the ride? If so, how did that work out?

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