Oh Red Heart Photography you have done it again… you've brought us another incredible offbeat couple rocking a sweet Hawaiian wedding! This time it's Christina and Justin and their awesome wedding style.


I love the groom's all black, “Johnny Cash” look. It's one of those outfits that you NEVER see grooms wearing for an Hawaiian beach wedding. And, I'm sorry, what shoes are they wearing!?


Oh yeah, that's what I thought… awesome shoes.

And don't even try to act like you aren't in love with Christina's ink!

Trust me, you want to go to the Red Heart Photography blog to see more of the incredible photos from Christina and Justin's 09-09-09 wedding on the Big Island. And hopefully we'll be getting the full scoop on the wedding soon!

photography: Marina Miller

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Comments on Christina and Justin

  1. The bride is wearing shoes from Ninashoes.com The name of the shoes is 'Electra" I have them in black.

    • Not Nina but I will post once I have a chance to check them out and get back online. Thanks everyone!

  2. I was reading this and thinking to myself how much I like red shoes and its sorta hard to find good ones. At the same time a sales rep walked into the door with red shoes on. How creepy is that. Very. Beautiful wedding, love the red shoes!

  3. WOW! I love EVERYTHING about this wedding, the shoes, the tattoos, her bouquet! swooning.

  4. Close but I am the bride and the shoes are not Nina’s. 🙂

    I forget the name but I will post in the interview deal they asked us to fill out once the rest of our pics are released.

    Thanks everyone! Best day of my life!

  5. Oh my gawd, gorgeous! Congratulations, Christina. I'm totally coveting your shoes! SQUEE! Getting married in three weeks and have been looking for knock-off versions of the red satin Christian Louboutin "Armadillo" heels (that cost more than my dress) all summer. Whenever you come down from cloud nine, would love to know what brand and style yours are… All the best for a joyful marriage, Melissa

  6. Ha ha! I guess they are Ninas. I didn't buy them online and when i went to that link the shoes looked different than mine so I thought it was wrong. "Guest" was right! They are Ninas! I bought mine at DSW shoes. :*

  7. OMG I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pics as well as your awesome shoes!! I'm looking to do the same for my wedding in August (against my mothers wishes)… but wanted to let you know that you guys look awesome and your love shines through the pics…. best of luck to you both!!

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