Storybook-tastic, fuzzy costume loving, fairy tale themed wedding

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Thanks to Raelyn from Helmutwalker Photography for letting us know about this super surreal wedding they photographed. Clara & Brandon had a storybook themed wedding, complete with awesome costumes for the kids!


The ring bearer was Max from Where the Wild Things Are and the flower girl was Ferdinand the Bull who loves to smell flowers (get it?).

And these little girls got to wear the cutest “little red riding hoods!” The cute is so overwhelming I can't stand it!

And also, I can't get over how beautiful this bride's smile is…


Check out that hot car. The vibrant blue color gives the classic “classic car photo shoot” a new twist. By the way, that's a Marmon 16 that was loaned to them for the day by a family friend.


And can we talk about the amazing shrug? I mean look at how cool! Raelyn tells me that the shrug was made by one of the bridesmaids from an old vintage wedding dress.

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  1. How does one go about making an awesome shrug like that? Because I would probably spend the rest of my days in such a thing.

    • If you shop on Etsy, there are a bunch a vendors that make them. You could even get them in different colors!

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