Fabulous futuristic wedding dress for a leap day pirate ship wedding

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Wedding Studio shotsI adore Jackie‘s amazing futuristic wedding dress — and the the fact that she made it herself makes it that much more fabulous.

Further awesomeness points for also making the cocktail hat she wore, and getting married on a pirate ship in Vegas, and doing it all on Leap Day.

Check out all the photos over here, and read more about how Jackie did it all in three months over on LJ's Anti-Bride Community.

(Thanks to nightwind for the photo!)

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  1. I absolutely love the dress. Did she make her husband’s and raccoon’s outfits as well? Nicely done. There’s a great 50’s retro feel to her future and it’s simply stunning on her. Nice job on the hat too! Homegrown milliner’s unite 😉

  2. Silver is an absolutely brilliant color for a wedding dress. She looks adorable.

  3. Yup, I made all the silver outfits.
    I love things that are styled retro-future, I went through a retro-future graphic design phase last summer. When thinking of how I wanted the dress to look, the original plan was actually “Futuristic Renaissance”. That dress is a ren-dress pattern…and with a few changes, I love how 50s it turned out.

    Thanks, and YAY, Im on Offbeat Bride! I wanted to be on here ever since I found this site when planning the wedding. Im so glad Im featured here!

  4. im trying to find a place to have a pirate wedding of my own. and so far this seems liek the best option. any negative feedback? how far away from the boat was the patio for guests? what did you do about the reception? looked fun 🙂

  5. This is one cool wedding. I would have love to see it and I absolutely LUB the dress.

  6. Wow what a cool wedding! Very nice wedding dress and outfits, love the colors they go great together. Congrats and best of luck!!

  7. To gogo:

    I TOTALLY recommend Treasure Island for weddings. You get a lot with the ship wedding package. They all know where you are supposed to go, and its kind of comforting because they’ve done weddings there so many times, there is no guesswork. The chapel women are really sweet and nice and pleasant, and getting your hair and makeup with the wedding package is pretty damn fun.

    Where the guests stand is fairly close to the ship. Its on the little bridge next to the ship, not that far away. I like that they are looking at you on the ship, and not at your backs as you get married.

    We all went to The Venetian for “reception” lunch afterwards. No need for a traditional reception with only 12 people. I liked it much better going to a restaurant. The restaurant we went to, Zeffrinos, made my wedding cake there.

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