Turn a “regular cake” into a wedding cake with fruit and flowers

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These cakes made me start drooling — y'all can keep your fondant-covered multi-tiered cakes. I'm sure they're delicious! But for me, it's all about cakes covered in flowers and fruits, like these cakes from Ivonne and Josh's 2004 wedding.

Oh and check out Ivonne's dress! Holy hell…


Anyway, for more info about how Ivonne saved a fortune on her cakes, keep reading.

I wrote to Ivonne and asked her for a few more details about the cakes. Here was her response!

I am a big fan of a San Diego bakery called Extraordinary Desserts. Their “wedding cakes” were ridiculously expensive, so we just ordered a bunch of their regular cakes for a “party” and picked them up. We did it to save money, and ended up with 7 different flavored cakes for a cake buffet where everyone got the kind they wanted.

It helps that the company normally decorates their cakes with ribbon and flowers. it worked out and the guests LOVED it. We had take out boxes handy so people could take it home too so at the end of the night it was a centerpiece and cake free for all.

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Comments on Turn a “regular cake” into a wedding cake with fruit and flowers

  1. Extraordinary Desserts = *drool* We haven’t decided about our cake yet (or if we’re even having one). That photo makes me want to have a big pile of cake.

  2. I can verify that the cakes were absolutely delish.. especially the blood orange ricotta torte. I took a piece home and left in on the floor of someones car.. i was devistated. I definately reccomend Ivonne and Josh’s idea! they are visionaries of cake!

  3. Yes…fondant doesn’t actually taste great. One cookbook called it “an acquired taste.” Hm. Why would I feed that to party guests, as beautiful as it is? I love this idea.

  4. I was just introduced to this bakery last weekend by my best friend and MAN O MAN thems some good eats!

  5. Wow, now that I’ve found myself staring at the picture of those cakes for five minutes straight, I figured I should chip in with my kudos! Nice idea, you luckys! Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

  6. ha! I clicked on the photos of her dress before reading further and thought the background looked familiar.. then saw the bit about Extraordinary. Yup.. I know this place. And their cakes are awesome!

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