Get the best hotel service ever: give the front desk workers your extra gift bags!

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So, you spent forever making the most awesome welcome bags for your guests who are coming from out of town. Maybe they're popcorn-themed, maybe they're regional-themed, maybe they're just a brown sack full of snacks — whatever. You worked on them, and they're fantastic. Then, come the weekend of your wedding, a couple of your guests are no-shows. What to do with these extra bags filled with delicious snacks and special treats? Well, one hotel front desk clerk named Cassie would like to submit a suggestion:

It's always nice when guests leave extra gift bags for the staff. I once had a guest who gave me a bouquet after the wedding!

It makes sense, right? If you have reserved a block of rooms at a hotel for your guests, of course you'd want to make things as easy and awesome as possible with the clerks who are going to be working all weekend. If you have extra gift bags due to no-shows, share the wealth! For more tips from front desk clerks, click here.

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  1. That’s a lovely idea. I have a similar sort of question, actually.

    I’m having a teeny wedding, but getting ready in my parent’s hotel room – which means the make-up person is coming, the florist is delivering the bouquet, and the photographer will be in there snapping shots. It’ll likely cause a bit of hassle to the front desk, even though the hotel’s not technically organising any of it.

    This is in the UK, which has a different ‘tipping’ culture to the US. What should my fiancee and I do to recognise the inconvenience, considering we’re not the ones staying at the hotel itself? Would a thank-you note to Reception after the whole shebang be adequate, or is there other stuff?

    I’d give ’em a goodie bag if I could, but there’s only 8 guests and we aren’t having any!

    • I gave the front desk staff at the hotel where we were a small group two boxes of nice chocolates. A box of chocolates is something that a fairly large number of the staff can enjoy–they can just leave it at the desk for the day and whoever is working can eat a couple of pieces. The staff at my hotel seemed to appreciate it, and it was inexpensive and easy.

      • Or a fancy nuts tray!
        We got one of those one time at the mall’s customer service area (around Christmas). Everyone got some, and it lasted for a few days.

  2. We have a bar in our function room, as well as tipping the bar staff at the end of the night, if there’s any of our candy buffet leftover I’m going to say they can fill up a bag of sweeties to take home too as a little extra 🙂

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