The Offbeat Bride: Kim, Counselor/grad student

Her offbeat partner: Dan, Graphic Designer

Date and location of wedding: Santa Barbara, CA — August 12, 2012

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We are both artists and love comic books. I am a huge pin-up fan and wanted to tie that into the wedding as well. I could not decide on wedding colors, so I went for black with pops of different bright colors. Each of the bridesmaids had a different color that matched the groomsman she walked with. We made the centerpieces: yarn pom-poms each in a jar with comic book wedding covers. I was able to find covers from different comic books that were all wedding-themed!





The cake was vegan since I'm lactose intolerant, with Superman and Wonder Woman logos. The cake topper was very special to me, as it was a vintage Wonder Woman toy that was my favorite as a child. Dan also picked out a Spider-Man toy for it.




Tell us about the ceremony: Our pastor did a reading about how love is like a pearl — it can be rough and take time, but in the end it's beautiful. Then she gave me a pearl. It was very touching. The ceremony was full of humor. Looking back at our wedding video, we caught Dan making a joke that is now forever in our vows. We were watching Flash Gordon before the wedding, and I suggested that the vow from the movie “and not to blast her into space” should be in the vows. Dan disagreed, but as a joke, he said “I will not blast you into space” quietly to me during a pause in the vows.



Our biggest challenge: Planning a wedding while in grad school, and from a different state, was a challenge. I had to coordinate everything between finals from Colorado. I'm so glad I had my mom in California to help out.



My favorite moment: My 91-year-old grandfather was there, and he was SO excited to be involved in the wedding. He joked with my friends and smiled the whole day. That meant the world to me. My grandmother could not make it, but was sent play-by-play pictures of the wedding. It was great to hear her feedback via text. Also, being in the same room as all my friends, some I have known for 30 years, was perfect. I felt so loved.


My funniest moment: I had picked an orchestral version of “Dancing Queen” by ABBA for my processional. I was super excited for it, and the wedding planner said she found it. She didn't. I walked down the aisle to the full-on disco version of Dancing Queen!




Was there anything you were sure was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great?
My wedding photographer was paid in full for the whole day, which included the reception. After taking some photos at the ceremony, he said he would be a little late to the reception and asked to do all the family photos there. He was never seen again, and I was stuck at the reception with no photographer and no family pictures! But we had a superhero in the crowd: Dan's close friend, who is also a graphic designer and photographer, stepped up and took all our pictures. We were so lucky that she was willing.



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Comments on Kim & Dan’s beach wedding with a superhero twist

  1. I forgot to give the cake lady credit, she was so great working with us. Decadence, Fine Cakes and Confections in Solvang, CA

      • Please add these wonderful vendors, too!
        Reception, rooftop setting and vegan friendly food: Canary Hotel, Santa Barbara
        Hair: Tara from Fairytale Hair and Makeup, Ventura
        Transportation: Santa Barbara Trolley, Santa Barbara
        Tuxedos: King Tux, Santa Barbara
        Thank you!!

  2. Woah, that is horrendous about the photographer!!!! Whatever happened? Did you get your money back? Did she explain why on earth she would do something like that?! I’m flabbergasted.

    (now that that is out of my system)
    This is so lovely! What great details, and all the smiles are the best. My 90 grandfather will be at my wedding (this weekend!!) and I know what you mean, about being so appreciative to have him there. Very touching.

    • The wedding photographer double booked, even though we paid in full and booked him a year out! His pictures were bad too! All of these but one are from a my friend, thank god Sheryl loves taking pictures! We got the money back but it took him forever!

      congrats on your wedding 🙂 glad your grandpa can make it too!

  3. Lovely! especially the little yarn poms, I think I might steal that idea…. 🙂

    I’m hoping that my 92 year old pop pop will be able to come to our wedding, that’s wonderful that your’s was able to attend and your grandmother getting the play by play!

  4. Just wanted to make one correction to the article. Sheryl’s name is Sheryl Dinkel…. her last name is misspelled here in the article. She is a professional photographer and we were fortunate that she brought a lot of her high-end equipment with her. If you like her stuff, you can check out her website at

  5. Kim and Dan, you guys are awesome! I’m so glad I had my camera and could help out at the wedding! I am so excited your first wedding anniversary is just around the corner and wish you many, many more wonderful years! XOXO

    Catherine, if you could fix my name at the top of the story that would be cool too. No biggie, happens all the time. Thanks! — Sheryl Dinkel

  6. Love the brooch bouquet! I hope I can get mine to be that uniform and round looking! The pez dispensers rock, too.

    • Hi, jandk, You’ll love having an antique brooch bouquet! Kim kept hers round with a Styrofoam base. Her sister-in-law crocheted the beautiful yarn bouquet for her to actually toss, since the brooch bouquet is so very heavy. Instead of a fresh flower corsage, we moms wore a single antique brooch to tie things all together.
      Happy Wedding!

  7. I can’t believe your photographer did that! That is a worse fear come true. Thank goodness you had a good friend on standby.

    On a different note, I LOVE a beach wedding and it looks like a beautiful day overall. Your ceremony set-up with a chandelier is just lovely and the bright colors liven the mood. Kudos!

  8. We are doing a super hero wedding as well! Do you mind sharing where you got your pez dispensers and awesome pom pom flowers for your table?

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