What do sentient fur-covered bipeds, native to the moon of Endor, have to do with weddings? Probably nothing, that was until Tribe member Melissa designed these incredible accordion fold wedding invitations…





Ewoks and wedding rings! How can you not love it!? These just warmed my little Star Wars nerd heart. To read more about Melissa's invitations Tribe member can check out her wedding planning update here.

And just because I love Star Wars, good photography and things that are sparkly, I'll leave you with this picture taken by Melissa…

"A rock? These little bears are nuts."


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Comments on Ewok Wedding Invitations

  1. WOW. Why do all the best ideas get posted after I've already finished that stage of wedding planning? These are the most amazing and just my brain explode all over the place. I will have to be content with our plan of the Ewok Celebration song as our recessional. 🙂

  2. I HAVE THOSE EWOKS!! Those were my favorites! OMG, now I have to go home and dig them out of the old toy box!!

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