How could you ever eat this “Endor in Spring” wedding cake?

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Photos by Armitage Photography
Photos by Armitage Photography

Words like “holy shit!” “amazing!” or “gahWUT!?” cannot describe how incredible this wedding cake is. Please let this photo montage speak for itself, while Elizabeth, the bride behind this wedding cake, explains what went into this Endor wonderland of frosting:

Endor in Spring

This was our wedding cake. We decided to do an “Endor in Spring” cake complete with LEGO mini-fig Ewoks.

We built it entirely ourselves (my now-hubs and I) with very little help. We finished it less than 12 hours before the wedding, but it was so worth it! [My husband] Dan and I built the cake stand, Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet did the cakes.

Now we use it as a photo stand in our living room!

Who's thinking about creating a little cake world now?

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Comments on How could you ever eat this “Endor in Spring” wedding cake?

  1. OMG!!! I love this SOO much. Everyone rags on the ewoks but I have loved them since I was a wee one. So much happy here!!

  2. OMG this is the CUTEST! I love it!

    And I don’t know if I could eat it… but no matter what, they will always have the memories and kick ass photos!

  3. Oh my goodness how cute! And there is so many little treehouse inspired cakes you could build with that cake stand!!! I want one!!! Lol

  4. After seeing this, it’s clear that my day has already peaked so I’m just gonna close up shop and go home because it’s all downhill from here. AH-mazing!

  5. This is fantastic!

    My first time ’round cake was on a custom stand my dad and his best friend made, and it had a garden and waterfall ‘splashing’ down the tiers, each of which were on their own stand.

  6. This is gorgeous the details the theme definitly wouldn’t want to spoil it by eating. Wish we could get details on how to DIY this design!

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