Let’s check out this groom’s kick-ass embroidered suit

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Nikki and Nick were married at Elliston Vineyards, an estate in Sunol, California surrounded by sprawling vineyards and a century-old stone mansion. While the wedding included some gorgeous details, the fashion was the scene-stealer here. Nikki's 1969 Gunne Sax gown makes my knees weak, but it's Nick's custom-made embroidered country suit that bugs my eyes out like a cartoon. It was made by Jaime Castenada. Let's ogle the suit and the bride's lovely gown from every angle.








There's much more to see, so head over to Diana Clock Weddings' blog post for the rest of the photos.

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  1. Gosh, this reminds me I’d better get started on embroidering FH’s shirt, and several vintage handkerchiefs…by hand…

  2. Fuck, man. We have had some super styley-assed grooms up in this bitch these last couple weeks.


  3. I just want to hop in for a quick comment. The third picture down makes me really warm and fuzzy inside. Not just the pms-ing-cry-at-every-commercial-on-tv fuzzy, but real fuzzies. 🙂

  4. That is incredible! I hope Nick finds a time and place to wear it in the future, because that’s too amazing a piece for a one-off wear. (Such a foxy couple, too.)

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