For the nerds and pagans among us: the elemental unity ceremony

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Karen and Frank's elven-inspired wedding featured a little ritual that I think y'all are really going to want to hear about: an elemental unity ceremony. They utilized the elements of fire, earth, air, and water during their wedding, which fits beautifully with their other-worldly theme.

I'll let Karen tell you how it worked:

The elemental unity ceremony… included lighting a candle (fire), pouring sand into an hourglass (earth), ringing a wind chime (air), and drinking water from a goblet (water). -Karen

Fairy-tale worthy, right? You could even use our awesome sponsors, Unity in Glass, to bring it all together — they'll use fire to turn your sand into glass and preserve your elemental unity ceremony in a cool piece of custom art!

I'm thinking this could be adapted for pagan weddings too. Or — eyes the room — any ATLA fans in the house? Anyone cosplaying as Korra and Asami for an awesome same-sex Legend of Korra wedding? I'll just leave this idea here for you.

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Thanks again to Unity in Glass for sponsoring Offbeat Bride this week!

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  1. This is a really cool idea! Love it! Me and my groom are doing a hand fasting as a unity ceremony since I’m Catholic and he’s Wiccan but he didn’t want to do two separate ceremonies. He would probably have loved this too! So awesome…

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